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    For Sale  North Idaho, fj40 gas tank emissions cover

    the cover is crusty on bottom, but definitely repairable. $20 thanks
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    For Sale  North Idaho, FJ60 jack, rods and handle

    Nice condition fj60 jack, rods and handle. $100 No free shipping. Thanks
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    For Sale 1977 FJ40 tail lights.

    Do you still have these?
  4. Ben edwards

    SOLD FJ40 Tail Lights and Guards - MD

    Pm sent
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    SOLD  North Idaho, FJ40 wheel cylinders, brake pads, master cylinder and more

    I have probably $600 worth of brake parts to rebuild brakes on 1963-70 fj40 and fj45. Includes new: Wheel cylinders Master cylinder OEM Brake shoes front and rear Soft rubber hoses Spring kit All purchased from Spector off-road. $400 Thanks
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    SOLD  North Idaho, fj40 copper heater tubes

    Selling both copper tubes that pass through firewall and connect to both under dash heater and on to rear heater. $40 Thanks
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    Wanted nc:pre 73 heater tubes

    I have these to sell if your interested. Thanks
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    For Sale North Idaho, column shift parts from 68 fj40

    Try Ryan in Idaho #208-661-3429 he has all those parts. Good luck.
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    200-Mark's New Roof Rack Clamps

    Mark, PayPal sent. Please ship to: Ben Edwards 2615 east dalton avenue Dalton gardens Idaho 83815 Thanks again
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    200-Mark's New Roof Rack Clamps

    I better get some! I left you a voice message at your business. Thanks, Ben
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    For Sale FJ60 1980? Mallory Magnetic Breakerless Distributor Part # 5064101

    Nice! Would you have any information on cap and rotor replacement parts? I found some on speedway motors, but they are not a definate fit. Thanks
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    For Sale Looking for 3rd row seats for '91 - '97. Washington state

    I have a set out of a 1992
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