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    Slee vs 4x4labs Rear Bumper

    Phil, any more shots of this bumper? Looks sweet! been on the fence about building versus buying for a while now
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    For Sale 80's rear bumper (97 CE), receiver and Tire carrier for sale

    I have a stock rear bumper and hitch I'll sell you, I'm in western NC.
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    For Sale OME 861 80 Series Springs

    If not spoken for I will take them for your asking price. I'm in NC as well, asheville area. let me know if they didn't sell and I'll buy em' today. thanks, jon
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    Wanted Tacoma

    hey brian, check my recent posting, or follow this to my craigslist ad: 2001 Toyota Tacoma SR5 4wd, extra clean! the truck has been off road, but has always been babied by me. never abused, and never taken on serious trails. I am motivated to sell it to buy a landcruiser (starting a family)...
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    For Sale 2001 Toyota Tacoma 4wd extended cab manual W/locker! North Carolina

    I'm interested in trades for a FJZ80 only, btw...
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    For Sale  2001 Toyota Tacoma 4wd extended cab manual W/locker! North Carolina

    The time has come for me to sell my favorite vehicle of all time, my 01' Tacoma. I bought this truck with 55K on the odometer 14 years ago, and she's never let me down. If you're reading this ad, you know that these trucks are holding their value to very high degree. Keep reading and you'll see...
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    For Sale  TJM Air Locker and Compressor (1st gen Tacoma)

    I am selling a brand new, in the box TJM Air Locker and Compressor. All hardware, switches, lines, and instructions included. I bought to put in my 01' Tacoma but am now selling the truck (you can buy the both!) Should fit any non-TRD rear axle for the first gen tacomas and 4runners. Asking...
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    For Sale 1994 3 locker fzj80

    where are you located? and sorry if i missed it, but lockers?
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