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    For Sale Seattle: 2007 GX470 w/ KDSS

    Correct. Sold. For $12k if that helps anyone with pricing.
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    For Sale Seattle: 2007 GX470 w/ KDSS

    Asking $14k to try to get $13k.
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    For Sale  Seattle: 2007 GX470 w/ KDSS 07 GX I planned to keep for the long haul, but circumstances change. Has KDSS, the TRD TTUE Bisteins, a lot of little upgrades, and a stack of maintenance records. Texting is going to be a better medium than...
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    GX470 Primer for the Ideal Mild-Build for Under $3000

    @Arailt I think I could squeeze 275/70s under there but I imagine there would still be some rubbing at full lock. @Docwyte I don't think it raises the rear at all but I will check for sure tonight. I honestly think it just restores stock height with a slight de-rake in the front...
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    GX470 Primer for the Ideal Mild-Build for Under $3000

    @Docwyte I got GX strut mounts. KYB was the brand. In my layman's brain terms: one of the washers has a "D" shaped hole that has to be Dremeled out to match the other washer's standard "O" shaped hole.
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    GX470 Primer for the Ideal Mild-Build for Under $3000

    Correct, that kit. It did not, just the coils for the front struts. Since I was keeping the air bags in the back, the only thing extra I had to buy were new strut mounts (~$60). Had to do a little Dremeling to the one of the washers in the strut mount kit but otherwise everything mounted right up.
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    GX470 Primer for the Ideal Mild-Build for Under $3000

    @Docwyte @subspd I'm running the TRD FJ kit with factory airbags on my 07 470 with KDSS. Lifts the front about an inch and a quarter, effectively leveling the truck with the rear bags in the N position.
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    For Sale 2000 LC 100, 30 day warranty| Seattle

    Update: Selling the truck through They offer a 30 day warranty on all vehicles sold. No buyers fee. They ask I take all other postings down since they post it on like 12 different sites, but I'm keeping this one up since it's just a link. That said, don't mention Mud in any interaction...
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    For Sale  GX460 wheels | Seattle

    4 GX460 wheels with factory Bridgestone Dueler on them. In good condition. Message with phone number and I'll send pics. $350 obo. Thanks, Ben
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    For Sale  2000 LC 100, 30 day warranty| Seattle

    2000 Toyota Land Cruiser Updtated listing: Selling the hundred series. High miles but still a great rig. Probably needs a Tbelt sooner than later. Thanks, Ben
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    Coil over inquiries... toytek's specifically (for starters, but plz expand)

    I'm in the same boat as the OP. Would like a little lift/level, and a better ride on Forest Service roads, but that's about the extent of my off-roading for the foreseeable future, so on-road manners would still be a priority. I realize how subjective this question is, but can anyone speak to...
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    Wanted  OEM 16" 100 series wheel for spare-Seattle

    I had my spare off in my carport and left it there overnight and some nice person made off with it. Willing to drive a ways to pick it up. Ben
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    For Sale  2000 TLC, Seattle, WA

    Just moved to Seattle from Alabama. Odo reads 85k, but carfax says it had 270k on it in 2014 before the gauge cluster was replaced. Might be open to a trade for an old Toyota truck (SR5, T100) plus cash. Asking $7500 Toyota Land Cruiser Thanks for looking, Ben
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    For Sale 98 TLC in Alabama

    Bump. Sale fell through...Brake booster pump is starting to whine. Still drives fine but probably needs to be trailered just to be safe unless you're super close. $6000 for Mud members. Toyota Land Cruiser
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