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    40's Only 2021

    Better late than never for a response, but I'm in!
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    Transmission and transfer case attachment

    Tell us more about the adapter that will fit the 2F bell housing to the r2.8....
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    Quick Draw H55F Top Plate Adapters

    It would appear that the reason that they are doing this is because the bell housing that they make to mate the R2.8 to an H42/H55 positions the transmission too far forward in the trans tunnel once the engine is in the correct position in the engine bay. Currently you have to modify your trans...
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    SOLD Utah: 5-Pack of Toyota Oil Filters (2H/12HT 15600-48010)

    I'll take them! PM inbound.
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    Wanted 12HT Needed

    @adroc PM Sent
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    Wanted 12HT Needed

    What do you have?
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    Wanted  12HT Needed

    Does anyone have a good running 12HT available?
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    Advice on smog pump

    Thanks Paul @3_puppies. @Atthruhiker if you need some assistance with your 60 we, Overland Cruisers are in Belgrade and would be happy to help!
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    Buying, Selling & Trading

    Looking for a 1979 FJ40 fan shroud, 16711-61091. Fits 1/79-7/80. Thanks!
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    Wanted  Belgrade, Montana 1/79-7/80 FJ40 Fan Shroud

    Looking for '79 FJ40 Fan Shroud part #16711-61091. Thanks!
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    Parting Out SoCal 1997 FJ80 Land Cruiser

    I was looking for a 95-97 in grey...
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    Parting Out SoCal 1997 FJ80 Land Cruiser

    @Deathvalleypaul Do you still have the front console box? If so is it in good shape?
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