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    Remote and lock button not working

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    Remote and lock button not working

    I updated the post, just drive 150 miles and now it locks
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    Remote and lock button not working

    Update: the problem below now occurs on occasion. Ugh Remote lock and and door lock button not working, unlock works and I can hear all the actuators unlocking. Batteries have been changed and the second remote is not in the car. all buttons on remotes work on both remotes. Car won’t lock...
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    BP51s without UCAs

    I've been running BP51s for 3 years now and my UCAs are squeaking. My BP51s are set at 0mm preload with no additional weight. I'm thinking because I have such a mild lift that I go back to the stock UCAs. Thoughts? If not I might go back to the Koni 90 Raids with the King Spring combo while I...
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    SPC A Arm Squeak

    That's what I'l worried about. My buddy who helped me this time said they're not coming out unless we cut them and he's not sure how the nes ones would go back in.
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    SPC A Arm Squeak

    SPC told me to replace bushings but you’re saying that didn’t help???
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    SPC A Arm Squeak

    My SPC arms started squeaking after 50k. Took them apart and greased the collar. Still squeaking. My mechanic says that the bushing is rotating inside the arm causing the squeak. anyone have experience with similar situation?
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    For Sale Koni 90 Raid Shocks with King Springs for 200 Land Cruiser

    I do but they are lowering springs
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    Reliable lifted 200 alignment specs

    That was ages ago now but yes, My alignment has been pretty good, I'm still not happy with the tire wear on the outside of the front tires but I rotate often so I'm still getting 40K from KO2s. Find a really good PRIVATE alignment shop. You'll pay but it's worth it.
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    How many 200's on ih8mud

    Year: 2011 LC or LX: LC State: Westchester County , NY Current Mileage: 130,000 miles
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    Met a fellow 200 owner

    This weekend while tailgating at Penn State I met fellow 200 owner Brian. @ytaebnairb. Funny our truck are virtually identical. Good talking to you. Funny thing is this is the first time with all the weight on the trailer carrier and I thought the truck was more comfortable than ever...
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    Bumper Sensor Broke

    We’ll this sucks. Does Toyota make just the ring???
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    rear AC

    No, he just recharged since I was just in for an inspection. He said if it didn't last he'd change the O Ring.
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    rear AC

    Guys, I started the thread. At the recommendation of my local independent mechanic he recharged the system. Been perfect for over a year. Cost $40.
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    Repaired Windshield Wipers

    Easy, just pry it up. Mine was very clean inside.
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