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    Custom drawer system

    I did a single drawer out of 3/4" plywood. I made a 3/4" base that fills the space and bolted it to the third row seat floor brackets. I bolted my fridge slide and drawer to that piece. The drawer sits level with the seat when folded. An REI air mattress eats up any dips between the drawer...
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    Ticking options -- Doug Thorley Long Headers + 2007 GX470

    I installed long tubes, DT catless mid pipes and a Gibson cat back exhaust. I didn't want to run around cat-less so instead of running cats in the factory location, I have one free-flow cat right after the flared merger, post mid-pipe. I welded a cat into the first section of the cat back...
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    Stay away from 4WheelParts

    I ordered gears from them for my 4.56 conversation. The part they have listed is incorrect. They sent a 27 spline pinion. I called customer service and told them I needed a 29 spline pinion and his response was, "when modifying a vehicle some parts need to be modified. Can't you just make it...
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    Third row seat mods

    I've been tinkering with the idea of building a two-level shelf that bolted into the passanger side seat bracket. My fridge sits behind the passenger seat and I run an OrangeBoxx molle panel on the driver's side next to a sleeping platform. The shelf I'm thinking of building would hold my air...
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    Alpha equipt review. Bonus feature.

    Nice looking wheel. I checked the website and cant find a weight listed anywhere. Happen to know the weight?
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    Doug Thorley headers, URD mid pipe, Gibson cat back saga

    My air pump pipes nuts zipped right off. Lucky me! Headers are in. I'm wrestling with the mid pipes now. I do need to correct my earlier post though - I forgot that I actually went with the Doug Thorley mid pipes too. Not the URD versions. I may need to clock the flange on the driver's...
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    Doug Thorley headers, URD mid pipe, Gibson cat back saga

    Welds complete. Steel tabs coated with high-temp primer and header paint in raw aluminum. Not a terrible color match. The passanger side went in without too much struggle. A second pair of hands would have been nice to align the gasket, but it can be done solo. The passanger side is 90% on...
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    07 GX 470 safety screen NAV override

    Just ordered the ripped ebay disc. I'll post if my 06' screen updates.
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    Doug Thorley headers, URD mid pipe, Gibson cat back saga

    This post will contain spelling and grammar errors that I may or may not edit once this job is done. But for now I'm on day two (13 hours yesterday and 14 today) of a project that's been sitting in boxes in my garage for a year. I purchased Doug Thorley long tube headers for the 03-04' gx470...
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    Anyone try a fridge on the 110 outlet in back?

    I popped out the 2-prong outlet and replaced it with a cigarette lighter style outlet.
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    Anyone try a fridge on the 110 outlet in back?

    I've been running mine there for a year and have shut power off to my fridge a handful of times. I stays running for weeks at a time without any issues. I'm running and ARB Elements and it runs off vehicle power with the car running or not. The fridge has a low-power safety shut off feature...
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    Axle - Gears - Lockers GX470 Upgrade Thread

    Both vehicles share the 8" IFS front diff. Swap would be straightforward.
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    Axle - Gears - Lockers GX470 Upgrade Thread

    3.73 is stock Front and rear diffs must be the same ratio. When doing 4.56s you'll need to swap front and rear 3.73 R&P sets out.
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    Builds The SUBdued build

    Looks nice!
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