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    What Did You Do With Your 120 Today?

    I said I would never do this but with the 10.5 width I couldn't resist getting 35's. I put on 35x10.5x17 Kenda Klevers today and so far I really like them. Tomorrow they'll see snow. I'm interested to see how they do compared to my KO2's. I already had a body mount chop, folded pinch welds...
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    285/70/17 rub?

    I ran 285' with factory UCA's for a few months, but I did a body mount chop pretty quick after getting wheels and tires. Once I got castor corrected UCA's, an aftermarket front bumper and went to 3" of lift I had tons of room. I did it in steps and had 285's almost from the beginning.
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    What Did You Do With Your 120 Today?

    Damn dude! Those are some great looking weld seams considering it's an aluminum bumper. It doesn't look wavy on the radius at all. Nice craftsmanship!
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    Slinky is returning to the US market

    Very cool! Always nice to have more choices on the US market. Thanks for the heads up post.
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    What Did You Do With Your 120 Today?

    Rear bumper looks really nice. The lines flow with the factory caps very well.
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    Looking at two GX470s - input appreciated

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    Timing Belt and Water Pump advice

    I would concur. Unless the belts were exposed to extreme heat and the sun/UV for some odd reason and are dry-rotting from age, or cracking ect., I would consider them good. 39k is VERY low miles. Put that money into sliders and tires!
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    Builds Eric’s ‘08 GX470 build

    Nice work on the wiring! That will be a convenient solution.
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    My new to me Tacoma Replacement

    Wow! Seems like quite the transformation. You should post up some daytime pictures so we can see all your mods. Looking great though.
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    Builds FastLane1000 Black GX Build Thread

    That looks great!
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    Sanity Check - Maintenance Repair Costs - Inputs please....

    ^^^So you're saying a sawzall will be necessary...? But in all seriousness, I'd have to crawl under there to confirm what I'm remembering but there's NO WAY it's a $1k labor job.
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    Sanity Check - Maintenance Repair Costs - Inputs please....

    Input/output seals really are easy. You disconnect the driveshaft. Pull the flange. Use a seal puller (about $15 at Napa). Use old seal to help drive in new seal. Make sure to go slow and tap evenly around it's circumference. Use a wide-faced brass drift to avoid damaging the seal. Once...
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    Looking at two GX470s - input appreciated

    I would lean towards the 07' except for color. I cant stand silver, but that's just my taste. For me, I really wanted a non-nav for upgrade reason and I really didn't want KDSS. KDSS is great on a stock to stock comparison but it starts limiting options when you're modifying your vehicle...
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    New to gx additional questions

    Yes, but the system on the GX is not able to be switched on and off by a switch from the factory.
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    New RTT prototypes are being built!

    Thanks for the response. I found the thread on and read through that. Seems to meet most all of my needs. I have a rtt currently that I got motivated to sell to buy a Roofnest Falcon. I'm definitely going to hold out for the pricing release on the Terrapod. If the price point is...
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