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    Diesel Swapping FJ40

    Consider a Mercedes OM606/617 swap as well.
  2. AlaskanWheeler

    Turbocharging a 73 1F motor in FJ40. Should I do it?

    Adapting your turbo will be your biggest issue, using a Sniper with turbo tuning to manage fuel is what I would use...
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    Ground moose, cabbage, bok choy, mushrooms
  4. AlaskanWheeler


    Anyone that's interested in more of OB's Irie sauce, he's making more, on a limited basis. Hit him up on FB or Instagram. @IRIEOB1
  5. AlaskanWheeler

    Tall skinny tires

    The good thing, these tires are readily available...
  6. AlaskanWheeler

    Tall skinny tires

    So, @Tennessee80, maybe the G003 tire so many of us are looking for, tall, and skinnier then advertised. Possibly a good tire on a stock 15" wheel...Thank you for the input.
  7. AlaskanWheeler

    15600-41010 Toyota Oil Filters

    P550007 - good P169071 - better
  8. AlaskanWheeler

    Headlight conversion 7” round

    I'm curious how well these conversions "align" with ARB bull bars, are they centered in the openings, or do the bars cause mis-alignment?
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    Wanted '76 FJ40 Turn Signal switch Toyota 84310-21010

    Still looking... thanks
  10. AlaskanWheeler

    Downey Header? Restoration needed?

    Here is your direct replacement https://www.ebay.com/itm/Performance-Exhaust-Header-Toyota-Land-Cruiser-1F-2F-FJ40-45-FJ55-FJ60-Manifold-/123914455627 https://www.ebay.com/itm/Headers-Extractors-for-Toyota-Landcruiser-FJ40-FJ45-4-2L-2F-Motor-/283973484429
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    Wanted  '76 FJ40 Turn Signal switch Toyota 84310-21010

    Before I buy new, I'm looking for an intact functional turn signal switch for my '76 FJ-40 Thanks Dave
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    Moving to SE Alaska - Rust???

    Some rust will only worsen in those climates, your best bet is to garage it in the winter and if they're using "hot sand" like they do everywhere else up here, it'll make things happen even faster. Even in Fairbanks, our trucks were not very prone to rusting issues, it's become a problem is...
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    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    Just a moment from disaster, just one more strike from failure...not an ideal removal, but I'll take it...
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    Looking for a late model 2F

    I'm looking for a running 2F motor, preferably from an FJ60.
  15. AlaskanWheeler

    Looking for FJ80 parts, Fairbanks

    Looking for a rear passenger side tail light, bumper trim pieces and a good (no cracks) front headlight.
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