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    White 1989 62 (Clean Slate) Build

    Beautiful, no nonsense and clean representation of a lightly modified vintage wagon. Just a few questions. I always wanted to go with your choice of vintage wheels: -Where did you purchase the wheels? - Are the Steelies 15” or 16” diameter? - What is the Wheel width? -If you had the tires...
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    Headlight Grill Replacement Retainers and Adjustment Screws

    Everyone has their own style , mattressking. When necessary, my “due diligence “ usually begins with the member. Why there are times when I already know the answer before asking the question and it really sets the it “Prue” due diligence. Thanx for setting me back on track with...
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    90' FJ 62

    Should be one-of-a-kind and quite the rarity in Quitman! Enjoy the Piney Woods!
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    Headlight Grill Replacement Retainers and Adjustment Screws

    Mattress king... are your “specs” appropriate for both 60 Round-eye & 62 Dually headlite buckets?
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    FJ62 High/Low 12v power split location?

    Just picked up on your thread...nice call, it’s the contacts every time.
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    FJ60 Fuel gauge shows empty at 15 gallons

    After replacing the fuel tank guage do you find it registering accurately on the dash fuel gage or is it necessary to adjust the tank float?
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    She's back!

    I gotta admit , Berne, after reviewing the pictures in your initial posting, your Wagon with the hood down, the doors shut and the windows rolled up presents a solid and striking silhouette on the tarmac. Its upright stance, although immobile, appears to be charging forward. All I can say is...
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    Gentleman... I’m trying to determine if my current radiator is a CSF2708? Are the CSF radiators stamped in a specific location showing manufacturer and model number? Anybody know the warranty?
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    Wits’ End 60 Series Glove Box Insert design- input needed

    Hang in there Joey! In spite of all the FUBAR associated with the delivery of this very unique product ( and, who would have thought the myriad of manufacturing tolerances associated with the production of a simple glovebox) you brought our constant badgering to market with a one-of-kind...
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    BASELINE: Replaced with new OEM calipers, pads, lines, rear shoes/wheel brake cylinders and brake master cyclinder in 2010. Mileage to date is 25,000. Might you be hinting at newer OEM REPLACEMENTS or SS BRAIDED LINES to prevent expansion?
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    fusible links (help please)

    Aggie...sounds dependable to me.Do you have a photo of your MIDI setup in the engine compartment.
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    I’ll be looking at a front/rear brake job in the near future and need your thoughts and experiences regarding upgrades over the OEM parts available. I’m principally referring to replacement parts and NOT conversions to replacement systems from other Toyota vehicles. As you might have guessed...
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    REPRODUCTION D-Pillar and Front Fender Vents

    One more time...nude double “D’s“ in all their glory!
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    REPRODUCTION D-Pillar and Front Fender Vents

    Just received my NUDE DOUBLE D-Pillars in the mail. Best described as a “thing of beauty”. Believe me, the extra effort and the attention to detail is well worth the wait!! Thanx, Jason, for sticking with us 60/62’ll find us to be a loyal following. Ron
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    Rear heater hoses discontinued

    Beno... the rear heater schematics I’m viewing show a “U” shape rear heater hose for the FJ62 and an “L” shape 90 deg. angle for the FJ60. (1.) Both schematics show the same part numbers of 87255E & 87256A...can you clarify? (2.) Also, would Part #87245/89279 fit as a replacement rear heater...
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