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    Pismo Turf & Surf 2021?

    Looks like we r done T & S 2020 looks like our last year ? well we did 10 years of good old FREEDOM FUN , Thank you Pismo Jim and Seth for the good times . and happy trails to us all
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    TLCA Official 2021 Rubithon Thread (32nd or 33rd Annual - TBD)

    Start one here ????? OK with me , Or ask Woodie ???
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    Rubithon yeep eeeee

    Heads up PMC Tim ? Knorr boys are making changes on our rock crawling , Old guys with knee problems , We will be going in on the Tahoe side Thursday ? Tim save us a spot , See u guys there ???? Lockemm up
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    Mud -n-Yer- eye ????

    ??????? I'm not seeing any info ? Whats up ?
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    Mud -n-Yer- eye ????

    So I"m not hearing Info ???? Anybody know what"s up ????? Never again ? We looked forward to this event , So much fun with the club , I Gotta know , Tim ??
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    Need some help

    OK you got my interest ? Good Luck ! First EV at KOH this year` was Toyota mini He finished Every man challenge ! Let us see more
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    K O H from home

    Watch KOH LIVE scoring here: https://live.ultra4racing.co You guys watch KOH from your easy chair Good stuff / Starts this Saturday ! But you gotta watch Monday night at 5:00 ???????? Rock bouncers !!!!!
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    My Build tread 2011 tacoma

    Heads up Split -Pea has a FJ55 build on MUD look for ( 75 Pork Barrel ) No KOH for us , Hope to see you at Mud-n-er-eye ???? Stay healthy my friends
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    KOH 21

    Knorr boys are staying home , gonna watch on big TV at home . stay healthy guys
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    So do we get a Christmas party this year ???????

    Well that is sad , Miss you guys , and the old guys ? Tim ,Rodger, Larry ? Don ? Tony ? KOH anybody ?????
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    So do we get a Christmas party this year ???????

    I hope so ! I miss my club , Boys and Girls No Mud ner eye , no Rubithon , no swap meet , no Cantina on the con , no Turf and surf , and My brother had knee surgery , I need to get out ! Come awnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
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    My Build tread 2011 tacoma

    I sold my BAMF skid do not buy ???? way too heavy , depends how hard you will wheel that Tacoma , I myself want Light weight Check out Tacoma world .com Lots of info Taco awnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn also lots of deals at Xmas time
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    My Build tread 2011 tacoma

    Nope all Bay area metal fab in Benicia ,,,,,, You like my truck ? Not a fj55 lol
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    Anybody have a date for Turf and Surf yet ?

    Knorr boys will be there Wed to Sunday 2011 white tacoma or on a fat tire ebike on the beach
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