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    Switch mounting, blank plates

    Could you make a version that has a gauge hole (or 3) in the middle? That way those of us who have (or will have) aux tanks have a spot to put the extra fuel gauge. Or boost gauge etc for the rumored turbo kit?
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    Switch mounting, blank plates

    Remove one of the change holders in the center console and put it there :meh:
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    Bait and Switch 94

    What about the mileage concerns you? The engine? The tranny? If it is buy the next engine or tranny that comes up for a good deal and take your time rebuilding/ freshening it up so you have a back up to swap in when needed. To me I love when I get asked “how many’s miles that thing got?” (Which...
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    For Sale Con-ferr roof rack gutter brackets

    Looks like these were sold 3 1/2 years ago.
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    For Sale Con-ferr roof rack gutter brackets

    Looks like these were sold 3 1/2 years ago.
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    150 Amp Alternator - Thanks Photoman

    Add a 5th. I want one as well.
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    Heat exchanger exploration

    Thanks for posting the link. I remember now reading through your thread. Very helpful. I’m going to give it a shot.
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    Heat exchanger exploration

    Wondering if anyone has experience with a heat exchanger plate like this: 30-Plate 3x8 Water to Water Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger, 3/4" MPT, 316L St Steel | eBay My idea is to remove the heater under the passenger seat in my 80 and hook up one of these to the existing heater hoses. Then I...
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    Cheap seat covers?

    Has anyone tried the Cabela's neoprene? I want to get a set of either those (that I lean towards) or the trailgear but since I don't have a Cabela's near by see them in person I was hoping someone had some experience.
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    Power Port in Cargo area

    I have a switch to power on the rear ports. I got the set up from ebay that came with a switch so I used it. Not sure if is necessary other than to power off the digital voltmeter that also came with the set up. It is nice to monitor volts back there though.
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    2006 Toyota Land Cruiser Build

    Good looking 100. I’m excited to see the transition to overland rig. Please post pics of the progress. Have fun.
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    For Sale Weber Q200 portable camping bbq

    Selling my weber Q200 that I never use anymore. It is dirty and needs a good cleaning but works as it should. You can screw in small propane tanks or get an adapter to connect to a large tank. Comes with the folding stand. $100. Local only please. Shipping is not an option.
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    Its always the arrogance that leads to con artists' downfall. However I would be more concerned about the guy getting ripped off coming back with a shot gun. Land Cruiser owner's can be unstable at times.
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