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    Advice and tips putting ARB on My 2000 Land Cruiser

    :flipoff2:beat me to it.
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    For Sale 98 LX470 in Rhode Island (rust free)

    Sold to a great dude that will enjoy it.
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    For Sale 98 LX470 in Rhode Island (rust free)

    Pending sale
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    For Sale 98 LX470 in Rhode Island (rust free)

    Since it's already been asked twice, I'll clear up that my asking price has not changed. But pay 8500 and you can have a brand new set of WKOR sliders I have here along with the truck.
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    For Sale 98 LX470 in Rhode Island (rust free)

    Back up for sale. Just found out this week I'll be leaving for Hawaii this summer so only the Tundra will come with me. I am now located in Newport, Rhode Island. Mileage is at 250,000 now. Still runs as smooth as ever. New mods include: Wheels Tires (90% tread) ARB bumper New woodgrain...
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    dissent offroad 2003 build

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    Lava rock shreds rubber.
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    100 series as a first vehicle

    Sell the cruiser. Save from now til 16, fly south with pops and buy a rust free version. Take a trip home together, rust proof the hell out of it, and enjoy it. That's what I'd do if I were you with what appear to be parents like mine....generous as hell and willing to do/support something...
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    accident- body advice, and crumpled dissent.

    I was as wel at first glance but based on the description, @jerryb 's rig was probably pitched nose down from the hard braking, putting the dissent squarely in line with the tow hitch crossmember. The vertical support of the dissent bull bar put that crease in the jeeps bumper. The main shell...
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    Clicking sound when turning right

    Simple things to check: brake components(retainer pins backed out), loose lug nuts (not kidding), rocks caught in tread or in brake hardware itself. Dont forget to check back in if you solve it.
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    Bluesquirrel's '98

    What do your drawers, slides, handles look like on your cabinets for your drawer build?
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    White Knuckle Off Road MUD Sale

    Order placed online. Andrew
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    Help me decide to Fix or Wheel Harder ?

    Get that fixed. But you deserve way more money. In no way shape or form would I accept that offer. Side note, I'd do what @Kofoed did and fix part of the list from a cosmetic perspective and use the rest of the check to pay for more upgrades.
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    I'm buying my first 100 today!

    Best color. Hands down. Congrats. First mod: new shoes
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    Dissent offroad modular aluminum roof rack.

    @benc what's the lead time on a roof rack right now? For a 98 LX470, standard 5 crossbars, regular fairing
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