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    Wanted Tundra Rock Warrior Center Cap or Caps

    I think I found one but I'll let you know tomorrow. Thanks!!
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    Rock Warrior wheel center caps, what else fits?

    I looked, didn't see any
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    Rock Warrior wheel center caps, what else fits?

    I bought a set of RW wheels and I'm missing a center cap. Are there any other center caps that will work? If anyone happens for have a set of just 1 they wouldn't mind selling, I'd be interested. I'm painting them bronze so don't really mind if they're not in good condition. Thanks for your help
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    Wanted  Tundra Rock Warrior Center Cap or Caps

    I need a rock warrior center cap or will be a full set if needed. I don't care what the finish looks like, going to paint them. Thanks for any help
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    SOLD Fs: BBS TRD black with toyo a/t 285/75/18-pending sale

    Why do these have to be so far away. Looking for some for my 2015 Tundra and that's a good price. Good luck
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    Heritage bbs forged bronze rims

    I'm in the process of transforming my 2015 Tundra into a TRD Pro, well at least look like one. I've bought front and rear super white matching bumpers, grill, and now looking for the newer Pro BBS wheels that look like the Heritage wheels, seriously thinking about having them powder coated the...
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    Looking for advice on a 1987 FJ60 with blown motor

    Not really sure, probably just get it running and drive it. Maybe some light trail riding. I hit the guy up to buy it about 5 years ago and he wasn't interested. He's a local insurance agent and he bought it new. Use to be his DD until he bought a 200 series and then he just used it in the snow...
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    Looking for advice on a 1987 FJ60 with blown motor

    I found a 1987 FJ60 locally, one owner, engine is toast. It's locked up and from the bottom of the oil pan, looks like something broke lose and put several big dents in it. What would you guys do? Would you try to find another 4.2 2F engine or do something different? Would it be even possible to...
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    For Sale Most Recent 80 Series Prices

    I hate to say it but yes, that's what's going on here. Listings last less than 12 hours on the market and 90% of the times they're selling over list price. Now that higher end is new construction, you can still find 5 year old and older homes for less than that. Listed a house a few weeks ago...
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    For Sale Most Recent 80 Series Prices

    I sold my 80 4.5 years too early. Sold this one for $16,500, triple locked, 169,000 miles. I'm thinking this one would have brought $35,000 plus today. I got on here looking because I was thinking about buying another 80 but guess I'll have to wait until a recession hits. People are spending...
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    High Gas Prices =LC Slowing Sales ... What’s your Plan ?

    A buddy on mine was complaining online about gas prices since he has to run 93 octane. This is a guy who daily drives a 2021 Corvette, I told him if gas prices were a concern, maybe he shouldn't have spent $90,000 for a new Vette. Same with Land Cruisers, if you're driving a 200 series, chances...
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    For Sale <Atlanta> 1999 LC

    Dog, that's a good looking Tundra in your profile pic. Anyone looking for a good rust free 100, I know this guy and I know he takes care of his stuff.
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    Poll-Have you had the dreaded cam tower leak?

    I'm a long time Cruiser owner and currently have a 2011 Tundra 5.7 Rock Warrior Edition with 160,000 miles. I went in for an oil change this past week and got the news my cam towers are leaking. The service manager is my neighbor and he always shoots me straight, he said I could go another...
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    SOLD 2001 Land Cruiser 262k mi Columbia, TN - SOLD!

    As soon as I got home I got on here hoping and praying no one posted it on mud because I knew it would be gone if someone did. Oh well, I guess I didn't need it.
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    SOLD 2001 Land Cruiser 262k mi Columbia, TN - SOLD!

    Damn it!!! I had a deal worked out on this 100 but I'm on the east side of the state and had to go out of town today. My loss, someone else's deal. I sold a 98 like this with 310,000 miles on it last year for $2000 more than that, killer deal if it was in good shape.
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