2nd Gen Tundra

2007 to present

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  • 20200331_070338.jpg
    06 LX -Tang Band W6-1139SIF 6-1/2" Paper Cone Subwoofer. Keep in mind that I had to widen the diameter on the box to make it fit Parts Express...
  • 20200331_070338.jpg
    wondering about this? what's the driver? Stock enclosure and amp or? interested in details and how it's sounding. i need a touch of umph to...
  • 1UZ LJ78 Pictures
    Hi, do you more info about this mod? i have an lj78 90 with a cracked cylinder head and i’m thinking in maybe an engine swap
  • 20200506_171421.jpg
    That cap should pop up if you pull on it a little I think. It's supposed to pop when pressure builds in the diff but mine was super tight. I'm...
  • 20200506_171421.jpg
    Awesome! I found it! How do you unstop the breather? I’m having the same issue as you with my CV and was thinking to clear the breather, drain and...

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