OEM Hood Prop?

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Aug 10, 2004
Queens, NYC and sometimes Orlando, FL
Can't believe I went all these years without noticing these provisions for a hood prop :oops:




Now, there's nothing wrong with my stock struts, but I've had my hood slam down on a couple of occasions when it was extremely windy out (one time nearly took off my head!!) :eek:

Wouldn't mind having one just for added safety :meh:

Are these props still available?

Part numbers?

They never were in this market.

The FJ60/62 works but is now discontinued. I think someone has used a Tacoma one.
I've had mine for years. Last I heard they are no longer available. It's the same as used on 60s. I got mine from SOR about 6 years ago.
I said "this market".......:)

They were used in some other markets but the part number is not live over here.
Save some money and just make one.
An old broom handle works, or you could get some 1/4" steel rod and bend it with help from a torch.
I bought a late 90's Tacoma rod at the dealer for about $11. Put a couple of bends to accommodate the radiator support angles and installed with a new grommet and clip for the 97 LC which I also bought from the dealer. Took about 10 min. to bend and put in.
I used an early 90's 4runner prop and welded in an "extension." One or two minor bends, and done in 10 mins. The grommet and clip were still available through Toyota last summer anyway.
Or one from pretty much any Toyota will work.....

Yep, I borrowed the rod from my Taco before finding one to keep in the 80. You may need some highly technical modification involving your foot and the ground. The grommet and stow shoe can be had from an auto body supply for $2-3.
I will add this to the list next time I go to the pick n pull. Plenty of 4runners there. Usually once a year the hood decides to try to knock me in the head.
definitely worth it - we have 60s hood props in both the 80 and the LX - well, not yet IN the LX, since I still need to get the grommet :doh:
11 years on Mud, and an ungodly amount of miles on your 80 and this is the first time you figured out that there was a prop rod available for the 80. :lol: I thought you had every mod already covered...I needed a good chuckle.

It is indeed one of my favorite and easiest mods to the 80. The back of my head has thanked me hundreds of times since mine was installed.
I always thought the prop rods were annoying until my hood slammed down on my head. 80 hoods are not light! When I bought my 70 I tried out the prop rod in my 80. I added the prop rod to my list errr, "Book of Mods". It is number 119 in the book...
FWIW, a small vise grips on the strut helps make sure the hood doesn't slam down on your head if you are doubting your hood struts. I mean, it's completely white trash but it works. :hillbilly:

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