Mars FJ40 1966

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Rust at the top of the side panels fixed. And another 40 holes filled. 😀 same patching trick. Tack it on, then cut the old metal out gradually while slipping the new metal down in




Hey Howdy! Looking great.
I want to coat the inside of the doors with something....does 'mud have a good recommendation? I've been looking at the Eastwood products and they look good. I still have quite a bit of scale to work with on the inside of the doors that I'd like to neutralize.
I used a long flexible adapter on a drill with a wire brush to knock scale off and then used an Eastwood spray can rust coat product that came with a long straw and a nozzle that sprayed sideways. I will see if I can find it on their site. I will need it again. I also used it on the inside of anything I could not otherwise reach - door pillars, inside the frame, etc
Here is a trick that I learned from the YouTube. Instead of cutting out a patch panel and trying to butt weld, tack weld your patch right over the skin that needs to be replaced.

View attachment 2682503

Then start cutting right along the edge of the patch panel but cut at a 45 degree angle and only about 6” at a time.

View attachment 2682504

then as tacks release, slip the new panel down into the old metal a little at a time and re-tack it in flush with the original metal.

View attachment 2682512

View attachment 2682514

work your way around taking your time and keeping it cool and you don’t need clamps or need to worry about poor cuts or warping the panels.

it’s pretty rare I see useful tips. Golf clap good sir. Nice job. I’ll use this later today on my fenders.
How far along are you? Inquiring minds want to know.


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