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Feb 15, 2007
Santa Rosa, CA
well we really don't have the right section for this question but, i love toyotas and especially 4x4 but i need something a little more gas friendly then the 60 ive been thinking of a bj60 but then i gotta sell my baby and start over (not to mention finding one) but what about the trecel wagons still fits the prefered criteria its a yota its a 4x4 and its boxy and pretty homely lookin plus it would be kinda fun to build up a little lift here a little trim there and maybe get luckey and find some baby training swampers to put under it? i guess the question is has any one had one of thease and did you like love hate it and y? i don't intend to really wheel it but it would be comforting t be able to put it in 4x4 to get out to deer camp (at first any way maybe when the 60 is doen, like that will ever happen) maybe get another dd and see what can be doen with one of thease things? could be fun
This belongs in the "Other Vehicle" section.

To answer your question. If you are looking at the Tercel wagon from the 80s that was 4wd I hope you are not in a hurry to go anywhere. The top speed was something like 85mph and they are way underpowered. If you want to save on gas money get a Civic, Tercel, or other econobox for $500 - $1000 and drive it into the ground.
If you like the 60 wagon, and don't mind spending some money, the best thing for it would be a diesel engine. If you're just into higher mpgs, then maybe a smaller 4x4 is better for you... what's wrong with the Suzuki?
Gotta 90 jetta for most of my "non fun" driving. Paid $2K for it several years ago and it gets 32mpg. Glad I've got it....I don't know how people afford a cruiser as a daily driver. I couldn't.
this is my issue as well. my 60 is more of a homely wagon (which is what i wanted it to appear) but the gas mileage is killin me here in cali. i would love to get a station wagon by yota and i've been thinkin about either a corolla wagon 4x4 or tercel wagon 4x4. but now that someone said it goes only 85mph top speed i dunno if i should even consider it or just convert my fj60 to an hj60........:rolleyes::crybaby::popcorn::beer:
there's somethin about those late eighties early 90's toyota wagons especially with 4x4 capability.

the newer camry like the one pictured are a little on the bulky/newer side and is not too appealing.:idea:
I'm commuting in a '78 Toyota Hilux.......:eek:
yeah i have considered a hilux but wifey is more likely to shoot that down causde "its just gunna be another truck 4 you to build up and wheel" while thats true thats not the point and as far as the sami if you think 60's are bricks try making it more square and taking 2/3 of your engine out then put it on mini axles and throw some 35's under it and your going no where in a big hurry. as far as the trecell wagons being slow do all u guys live in daytona i try to keep it below 85 unless i really need it but then again i have a speeding ticket or 2 that im still waiting to fall off my driving record. how under powered i just kinda assumed it would have the 18-20-or 22r in it cause yota didn't really have many other engines back in the day did they?
I think the toyota 4x4 wagons are awesome, I say go for it, and do it today!
I had an '85 Honda Civic Wagon once. It was like driving a tin can, but will seat 5 if your not to big with room for luggage, it got 35-40 MPG, I got it to do 120 once down a long hill with the wind at my back, it did very well in the snow, and a few of them even came with 4WD.

It was one of the best cars I ever had, but I hated the thing for some reason.

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