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Sep 8, 2003
28Sep2003 (UTC -7)

This is a good read about the filtering performance of various air filters. It compares Toyota vs TRD vs Amsoil and soon K&N. A supporting discussion about it is in here.

Though the test vehicle is a Tundra, the engine is the 2UZ-FE (same as 'Cruiser and Sequoia).
Aug 8, 2003
Interesting result, and again a vote of confidence for usage of Toyota OEM consumables like filters and the like. Nobody has a larger stake in the durability of Toyotas than Toyota itself, so it stands to reason their consumables would be extremely well researched, designed and built.

Glad my truck's had nothing but Toyota air filters. Don't forget to empty the dust cup and wipe out your air cleaner before putting the new filter in.



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Aug 17, 2008
Bump for a good read. Doesn't look like there is a better air filter than OEM.
Feb 19, 2008
I have to question the test.....the factory replacement AMSOIL filter is the EAA-237 which is a Nanofiber technology specifically for the Tundra and is a dry filter...that they claim removes 50 times more dust than wet gauze filters.

The correct filter is shown below and is dry fiber technology for OEM drop in replacement on the 2001 Toyota Tundra, V8.


The one tested was a special order filter and may have been the only one available at that time....but as a dealer I would not have compared a wet filter vs a dry filter as everyone knows the dry will remove more particulate matter but the wet will usually flow more air for high performance usage.

I would not discount AMSOIL OEM filters (EAA237) based on this air filter test from 9 years ago....because of the known limitations of wet gauze foam filter technology compared against paper or others for daily driving....not high performance applications.

I am fairly confident that the Amsoil filter I listed as the only recommended Amsoil OEM drop in filter for that particular vehicle will beat any wet filter replacement soundly and meet the capabilities of the Toyota....maybe beating it but maybe not.

I know that the Amsoil filter technology above is an excellent filter with no dust or dirt getting past its soft seal once installed....after thousands of dusty miles and weekends at Uwharrie. I take it out...clean it...and reinstall to replace once every 2-3 years even though it is warranted for a million miles....LOL. Have a good one and hope to see some of you at Uwharrie 2-4 December for our final run of the year up there as it closes for Winter.

I am defending Amsoil a little the test was skewed in my opinion with the different dry vs wet applications knowing the limitations of both up front. Just making sure people realize it is an old test...using out of date parts that are no longer available...and are not indicative of what Amsoil offers as a true DROP IN REPLACEMENT for the 2001 Tundra V8.

One last point...even though the engine is exactly the same as our Land Cruiser....the air box is not exactly the same. Based on available filters there appears to be size difference between the Tundra/Sequoia and the LC/LC as their WIX alternatives are different part numbers and the dimensions for the Tundra/Sequoia is slightly smaller than that for LC/LX applications.
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