1. mossler

    Wanted  2005+ GX 470 with KDSS

    Canadian looking for US vehicle, preferably from outside the "Rust Belt". Obviously rust free, no accidents, normal wear and well maintained service history. Budget of 13-16K USD Thanks in advance for any leads or offers to sell.
  2. AZcruisers100and80

    For Sale  price check: 03 w 180k miles. Blue

    Could use your help, 100 series friends. I'm about to buy an 03 LC, grayish-light-blue, with 180k miles from a friend. I'm more of an 80 series guy and don't know my 100 series prices as well. It's an AZ vehicle with zero rust, gray leather interior in good shape, with no rips or tears. No DVD...
  3. whitey45

    For Sale  Fj25 seat brackets,

    Drivers seat brackets, good shape $45 shipped also early 40,45 wiper switch($65) shipped and windshield latches $50 shipped
  4. AZcruisers100and80

    craigslist  Unaffiliated 2008 w 193k for 24,500 (AZ) white

    No affiliation here. I'm not ready for a 200 yet, but if somebody is looking for a budget entry 200, this may be the one. It appears to be an AZ vehicle and very well maintained, and with nice new BFG's. Here's the Craigslist link, and I will paste the seller's text below, as well, in the event...
  5. L

    Monstaliner or Wrap Ideas

    Hello, I wanted to start a thread hoping folks will post pics of monstalined/kevlar or wrapped exteriors so that I can start gathering ideas for my LX build. Thanks!
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