1. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  90-92 FJ80 Radiator, Shroud, Fan, Fan Clutch, Water pump, etc

    SoCal No shipping unless you have your own shipping account as these items are expensive to ship due to size and possible weight. Radiator $75 Shroud $75 Xlnt Condition - not cracked patched or broken in any way. Fan $30 Fan Clutch $35 ( I can ship this)
  2. Desert Dino

    Help: Reconstructing the washer system front, tail and head lights

    It seams the PO was a douchebag. let me rephrase he really was When somthing broke that is not critical he would bypass it When I got my Rig I filled the washer tank with good blue stuff every button i pushed I got water on the front window I read here and searched here all the posts...
  3. pescado

    Trying to understand my glow system

    I am trying to troubleshoot my non functioning glow plug system on my Nov 1985 24v HJ60. The previous owner put in a Wilson switch, but it never worked as long as I have had the truck. It stays warm year around here in Hawaii, so I believe it has been able to start up without a functioning glow...
  4. B

    Radio/Ent system issue with 16 LC

    My radio/entertainment system just stopped working while on the highway the other day. Would work for 2-3 seconds after choosing another preset or function, then go silent. Has only done this once and worked fine after restarting the car. At the dealership now--they're loading an updated...
  5. MBurroughs

    FJ60 Fuel Line System Layout - Return vs Supply

    Hello all, I'm asking what is probably a silly question, but I've spent the past half hour searching with no luck. I bought an FJ60 without an engine. I'm looking to find out which fuel hardline is which - supply versus return - under the truck. There are two hard lines mounted one above the...

    ComeUp Winch Patented Cone Brake System

    Learn more about one of the features that makes ComeUp winches unique and among the best winches you can buy. Introducing our patented Cone Brake system. . Check out our blog post about this brake system on our blog in the link below. The COMEUP Cone Brake Structure
  7. suprarx7nut

    Storage System 1: Group Buy and Tech Discussion

    This system as it stands is the result of two enthusiasts seeking more functionality from the 100 series cargo area with a smaller investment and more versatility than the existing product offerings. The system is lightweight and designed to be a bolt in, plug and play product with the ability...
  8. Rashdi

    2017 GCC Spec Infotainment System

    I've been running the face lifted 2017 Land Cruiser GXR (4.6 V8) basically the midrange model here in the GCC which come with this OEM Garmin/Andorid headunits. I've been trying to figure out how to get more apps and features on it but all I've been able to do so far is update the Garmin maps...
  9. B

    Techstream Mini VCI - Selected system is not responding or not available

    Hi there. I am trying to read my AHC pressure on my 1998 LX470 but I am getting the following message for any system (including the AHC) that I select. Selected system is not responding or not available. Please check the repair manual for applicable systems. It also changes the box from yellow...
  10. ga12r1

    For Sale  AHC system from 2000 LX470

    I'm selling the takeoffs from my 2000 LX with 170k miles. System worked fine but I removed to do an ome/iron man system because I plan to do bumpers and armor. I'm selling the entire system for $600 including the ahc Ecu that's not pictured. Available for pick up in Valdosta, Ga. Thanks.
  11. bajaphile

    Is there an "Idle Up" system for steering

    My truck always drops RPM when doing hard steering to full lock. I remember in my older Toyota's there was a vacuum actuated system that would "idle up" the engine when you turned the steering wheel at idle. Is there something on the 1FZ-FE ? Is there anything to check or adjust so that this...
  12. A

    Cooling system

    Hey guys first post and new to the cruisers and Toyota in general. I recently picked up a 93 fjz80 and spent a few weeks getting it road worthy (totaled in low speed offset headon) so lots of body damage and damaged radiator. I searched and searched but no luck. First question: I picked up a...
  13. decoco

    looking for information on rigging electrical system for winch/aux lights etc.

    Hello, I've been looking around both the lighting and auxiliary power threads and didn't seem to find any information, I understand that information may not be here on MUD. I am looking at learning more/teaching myself how to wire a car appropriately for accessories: winch, lights, maybe a...
  14. 88Retired62

    DISCONTINUED Emissions and EFI System Parts

    As with some of the FJ62 discontinued parts, we've been able to substitute existing parts from other TOYOTA models. Is there a previous thread on this subject? Can anybody confirm available compatible parts for the following ? 23260-69026 Cold Start Injection Valve 89462-20010 Cold Start...
  15. fj62max

    Input on 3" exhuast system for hdj81

    Looking into buying a 3" complete exhaust system for my hdj81. Any info would help. Ive been looking into these Beaudesert Genie Redback
  16. F

    Wanted  fj62 exhaust system

    I am looking for a decent exhaust system for a 1990 fj62 - headers or down pipes with o2s holes installed .
  17. F

    Looking for an exhaust system fj62

    Hi all , I just purchased a basket case 1990 fj62 non- running , I got lucky when I tracked down that the fusible link wire for ignition was broke , replaced it now runs however the PO rigged the exhaust system and removed both o2 sensors down pipe and was running it with any sensors at all. I...
  18. fj40toycruiser

    Anyone Ever See the A/C System Amplifier?

    I have a 1993 FZJ80 and the air mix servo motor is not functioning. In diagnosing the circuit I am now looking for the AC system amplifier that is said to be behind the HVAC controls. I am using a 96 EWD but I don't think they changed from 93-96 only in 97 did the auto climate control come in...
  19. alia176

    Permanently mounted high pressure washer system with heater

    Has anyone gone to great lengths at setting up a heated high pressure wash station outside of their garage? I'm talking about using 120/220vac for heater, pump and permanently plumbed in cold water. Basically set up the station on one corner of the garage and then run the hose through the wall...
  20. rctoyota

    Finished our 80 storage system with fridge slide

    Well took some good weekends and with some of Cleo's help we finally finished our sliding storage box and fridge slide for the 80. Always wanted a storage box and after seeing Ron's (@Dimples) build I was inspired to tackle it. Then I decided to take it up a notch and make a customer fridge...
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