1. F

    Wanted  Wanted - FJ80 - Atlanta, GA

    Live in Atlanta, GA. Looking for a FJ80, FZJ80 or the Lexus versions anywhere close by. Own a '88 FJ62 right now and am looking for something with more power. That being said I would prefer a rig with an upgraded engine. However, would absolutely still consider anything that looks nice with low...
  2. TeCKis300

    Cheap and Easy Halogen Bulb Mods for more Output

    Here's some common headlight bulb mods on the interwebs used by many other cars. I've not seen it discussed here so thought I'd share some knowledge. I personally haven't done this, but have tried to do LED upgrades. But the AFS on the LX models don't make retrofitting bulbs with large...
  3. scottryana

    Bolt on engine mods

  4. BBQ BOY

    Mods hurting the value?

    My '77 FJ55 is mostly all stock, except the lift and 33" tires. I still have the stock suspension, actually. Anyway, my neighbor came by today, who has a 40 and about $500k in Porsches in his garage. Some Of the most beautiful antique cars you've seen. I began telling him My plans of paint and...
  5. CuddlyEbola

    Best Mods for Prolonged Life?

    Hi all, I just registered recently, this community has an amazing amount of information, I'm seriously jealous of all the knowledge. I have a long way to go, never really modded cars at all, but hoping to get my feet wet soon. I just bought a 2005 GX 470 w/KDSS and 135k miles that I would like...
  6. winstonclein

    LC100 2006 axle elocker retrofit?

    I have been tried to look for a post on this behalf, but not success yet on my especific questions. Can I fit an elocker axle from 98-99 100 to a 06-07 100 with little or easy work? Or it'll be a PITA. It will be worthier to fix another lockers instead? I just put 285/75R18 and if I got the...
  7. winstonclein

    For Sale  80/100 Baertrax tailgate storage mod.

    SOLD! New Baertrax Tailgate Mod for 80/100 made out of aluminum. Never used or installed. It comes with hardware for installation provided by factory. Cost new $550 Asking $350+ shipment.
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