knuckle rebuild

  1. djzimms

    Redoing DS Knuckle - Ring on Axle is Really Dug In - Best Solution?

    So, I got the axle off with the PVC pipe method without too much trouble. Upon inspecting the ring, it's really dug in. So much so that the two points of the C stick out pretty far past the splines. I was told by someone the other day who redid his knuckle that his mistake was not pushing this C...
  2. Highwind59

    Tone ring issues

    I'm doing my knuckle rebuild on my 97 fzj80 now and when I pulled out the axle the tone ring fell off. This happened last year and I had a mechanic replace it. When I put it back on it just slips all the way down with nothing to hold it there. Birfields are 2 years old. Any idea what could cause...
  3. B

    Knuckle rebuild + upgrade questions

    Planning a knuckle rebuild on my 60 and am considering upgrading the birfield joints and possibly axles during the rebuild since I’ll already be in there. Unfortunately I’ll have to make this decision in advance as I’ll have to complete the rebuild in a maximum of four days. I’ve been toying...
  4. Chachi254

    Rear-end saggy on LX450 - OEM springs NLA - Aftermarket Suggestions?

    Hello everyone, The rear-end of my LX is beginning to look saggy and it's bothering me. I've replaced all four shocks with Rancho RS5000's but haven't replaced the original springs yet. After looking online, I can't find any parts stores that carry standard replacement springs, and...

    Knuckle Rebuild Video Series

    Started shooting a knuckle rebuild video series today. Got the first video of the tear down done. As soon as @CRASHTH gets all the parts cleaned up I'll shoot the second video on using the knuckle centering tool. And then we'll do a third video on reassembly.
  6. K

    FJ40 Rear Knuckle Oil Seal Bracket Bolt Torque

    Hey guys, I've searched the FAQ and every possible related thread, but all I got is "don't over torque or you will bend the bracket". Well, turns out the force is minimal because my brackets are bent around every bolt hole. At no point in tightening did they ever feel tight enough to where they...
  7. S

    Fj80 Knuckle rebuild kits

    Hey guys Im looking for the most dependable parts at the best deal for knuckle rebuild kits for a Fj80. Thank you!
  8. 60wgnadvntrs

    88 fj62 Repair Manual

    I Have a beautiful, blue 62. It runs like a top, has a leak or two here and there, but overall the best running vehicle I've owned and I want to keep it that way. I have plans this summer to rebuild the knuckles, do brakes, shocks, and possibly springs. What is the best Total Car Care repair...
  9. SirJester

    Time to upgrade.

    Just sent this email to Slee asking for their feedback, but I thought I should ask you what you guys think. Note: 1997 LC80, 160,000 miles, factory locking hubs. ...... On a road trip last week my father was driving my 1997 Land Cruiser that I was planning on building into an overlanding rig...
  10. R

    front knuckle rebuild kit?

    so i was looking around for a knuckle rebuild kit and all the ones i found are for the 80's. am i missing something? I'm so close to finishing my 100 i just need this last rebuild kit and ill be able to drive it again after months of it being up on jack stands.. :cry:
  11. C

    knuckle rebuild questions

    I'm in the middle of rebuilding the drivers side knuckle before I do the other side and have a few questions 1. On the top of the knuckle the bearing had 2 shims, the bottom had only 1. Should I be concerned? 2. what type of paint do you recommend i use after I clean all the grime off?
  12. bwalker16527

    Front knuckle rebuild disk brakes

    Doing front knuckle rebuild on 1974 FJ40. Obtained 1976 FJ55 front knuckles and calipers from mud member. Cleaned and painted knuckles, hubs, Aisen lockers and now ready to install. Rebuild kit and bearings from Cruiser Outfitters.
  13. seth

    It's time to rebuild the knuckles...Anyone want to help in L.A.?

    Hello there fellow Land Cruiser owners – it's finally time for me to get into the greasy job of wheel bearings, knuckles and front axle inner seals. I have a 1964 FST, which I've been conscientiously restoring over the past 4 years while it simultaneously serves as my daily driver, and it's time...

    54mm and Rear Hub Sockets

    54mm hub sockets. A handy tool to have when rebuilding your knuckles. 54mm-----$25.00 shipped Rear Hub-----$28.00 shipped 54mm Hub Socket Rear Hub Socket Jason 54mm Rear Hub
  15. C

    80 series Front Axle rebuild

    Hi i am a 19 year old college student and have been driving a 80 series Land Cruiser since i first got my license and absolutely love my rig, That being said I am a mountain kid and have beat the s*** out of my cruiser but she has failed to let me down yet. My birfields have been clicking for...
  16. B

    Knuckle Rebuild

    I was wondering if anyone knew anyone who was familiar with and could be able to do a knuckle rebuild on a 1982 bj60. I would take it to a shop but im just checking my options before im forced to shell out $450 haha. I tried to do it myself a couple weeks ago, but as I got to the rotor i...
  17. HunterWalkabout

    Get axle back into Birfield - snap-ring trouble

    Hi everyone, I'm new to FJ62 ownership first post here! :) I'm doing a front axle rebuild and am trying to get the freshly cleaned and repacked drivers side birfield back on its axle, but can't compress the snap-ring to get it in. I've tried using a hose clamp, and even a zip-tie to compress...
  18. Arkansas80

    Front Locker wont lock and I need to rebuild my front axle

    Hey guys. I am about to do my knuckle job in the next couple of weeks and need to figure out if I can do it even though my front locker wont engage. Honestly, Im not too worried about the front locker working other than for this purpose. I dont think Ill need it with the mild wheeling I do. I...
  19. wardharris

    New Kids on the Block ---- Cruiser Brothers, LLC

    1/1/16 After a great first year as Can Am, Georg and Ward decided to change the firm name to clarify our focus and simplify our message. We are now Cruiser Brothers, LLC - same guys, same business model (wholesale only) and an expanded product line. CRUISER BROTHERS, LLC :bounce::bounce2...
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