1. Hurleyburly

    Intermittent Start Issue... stumped

    Hi all! Searched and searched but couldn't find this same issue exactly, ran through emergency checklist procedures twice, throwing up the white flag before I have to take it to a shop and pay someone to figure it out, but it's my DD, and I can't keep going without a truck at really inopportune...
  2. Fantom

    BJ42 electrical gremlins - turn signals

    I've had this truck for a while now and something very weird is going on. Has been happening since I bought it off the previous owner. Some times (unrelated to weather, time of day, temperature or alignment of the moon) the turn signals and the hazards stop working. I can try either one...
  3. okcruiser

    Help diagnosing an intermittent A/C Problem

    Running a 1995 for the past couple of years and it has developed an odd air conditioning problem over the past 4 months. AC will be ice cold upon the first start up of the day and stay that way as long as it is running continuously. But, if on a trip to town I make 4-6 stops (engine off) the...
  4. HomersCanyonero

    Intermittent crackling noise from dashboard

    I can't figure out what this noise is: Gx470.m4a It appears to be coming from the dashboard area. I mounted my iPhone on the dashboard between the steering wheel and the navi screen. I recorded the above noise while I was parked at my work's parking structure. This crackling noise happens...
  5. haze1964

    Intermittent Starting - 80 w/mechanic, need guidance

    Could really use some guidance. I’ve had an intermittent starting problem for several years. Finally getting serious about fixing it. Truck either cranks up easily, or I get the one click and then nothing. Will usually start after several tries. There have been times when I try approx 20...
  6. D

    intermittent ignition problems

    I have a '99 with 185k miles, and turning the ignition at times does not start, engine doesn't turn over. Very intermittent and no specific pattern. New battery, no difference. Dealer checked wires and connections and starter seem ok. Could it be the ignition switch? Turning the key to...
  7. B

    Intermittent nonstart and vgrs light

    New to me 2004 lx470 in pretty good shape. New battery from PO last few months. Twice now has refused to start on first turn of key, first time gave a click like it was going to try, then started fine. Second time really no click and while truck shut down acting like the battery was out of the...
  8. sk8salomon

    Intermittent sunroof movement

    I've searched and haven't found much on this topic. Lots of threads about cleaning the sunroof drains which is what I have also done but I have a problem with actuating the sunroof open & close. If completely closed, I need to bump the manual turn screw a turn to get the motion going. Once I...
  9. seatosummit

    91 FJ80 Intermittent Starting Issue

    Hi All- I have a 91 FJ80 that has developed a starting hesitation. It first emerged about three months ago and has seems to have worsened gradually to the point that now nearly every start seems to require about 10 seconds of cranking. What I know: The starter is good (with new contacts) and...
  10. workingdog

    Need help tracking intermittent problem with 6.0

    I recently took delivery (after 2 years at 3 different shops) of a 6.0 conversion on my '66 FJ40. The 6.0 sits in front of an NV4500 and the stock transfer case. The 6.0 is approximate 2003. I need to figure out the exact year for sure. When it runs, it runs great, but it has an intermittent...
  11. E

    Odd intermittent clicking sound at start up

    Here's the situation: only does it when it's cold/er, it's not the cat shields, it sounds like a rotational clicking that speeds up when I'm driving. Eventually it goes away after the car is fully warmed up. I checked the fan and it's not making contact with anything. Could it be the starter...
  12. DanMedeiros

    LX450 climate control: Light intermittent

    Hi Guys, Having a weird issue with the automatic climate control, controller. Three of the switches (i'm guessing one light) keeps flickering on and off. An y advice on what might be causing this? I thought it was the bulb but it worked great on the drive home today and is now out again. Thanks!
  13. medtro

    EFI Relay Bypass Kit (Immobilizer Fix) for UZJ100/LX470

    This bypass kit bypasses the bad EFI relay circuit in the fuse box so that the immobilizer system gets adequate power supply for starting the car. I made this for myself after my new 30A replacement fuse - initial fix for crank but not start problem, failed to start after 4 days. Some members...
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