Pre Purchase Inspection Videos

    And the pre purchase inspection videos will go here.
  2. starclassic

    How much would you pay for this 2003 LX470?

    I'm new to 100 series, but a former 3rd gen 4Runner guy. I am about to make an offer on a 2003 Lexus LX470. Looking for your opinions based on the following information alone: 2003 LX470, Black Onyx 162,xxx miles Timing belt serviced at 148k Single owner (corporate), clean CarFax w/ 34 records...
  3. starclassic

    Help! I'm out of state and need inspection near Murfreesboro TN!

    I'm out of state and looking at an 03 Lexus LX470 in Murfreesboro. Some knowledgeable eyeballs would be awesome, just thought I'd see if anyone here on the forum lives close to 37130! If nobody's near there, does anyone have recommendations about a certified inspection service I could use? I...
  4. sunrk

    Frustration with getting tie-rod ends to come out

    Maybe I'm just a wuss (sic!) but i was trying to get the tie-rod ends to come free on the front steering rod (going from pitman arm to LHS swivel hub arm) however I baulked after getting a bit too jiggy with my nice Hazet tool ball joint tool. Will have a go again soon. Just wondering where...
  5. HDJdreams

    Help! - Undercarriage inspection tips?

    I looked at a 2009 tonight. It’s from NJ. The interior was in fantastic shape, the outside paint looked fine as well as I could tell in the dark. The undercarriage had been freshly undercoated. I was laying in a puddle, looking around with a flashlight the best I could at places that weren’t...
  6. Ali M

    New to fj80s buy question

    Calling on the wisdom of fj80 owners, aside from Slee's buying guide, is there anything specific I should know about for 94 models or inspect before buying this truck? I will be test driving the truck this week. Truck specs: - 94 fj80 - no lockers - 236K on OD - owner says he rebuilt knuckles...
  7. D

    Wanted  2003 LX470 Help in Salt Lake

    Hello, I'm looking at a 2003 LX470 in Salt Lake City. I live in Colorado and will be getting this the middle of next week. Does anyone know someone who could mechanically inspect the vehicle for me? I'll be happy to pay a fee to look it over and make sure there isn't anything horribly wrong...
  8. whateverwhenever

    Wanted  Toyota LandCruiser FJ40 FJ25 Inspection Trouble Light Lamp TEQ

    I'm looking to buy an original inspection light for my 1982 Toyota Land Cruiser HJ47. Attached are pictures of one that recently sold on Ebay for $290. I would pay more for one in similar condition or less for one without all the extras. The inspection light has to be working and have plug...
  9. Mattyboy

    State Inspection Rant.

    So I am trying to get my new truck legal in the state of VT. I was told before the mechanic even looked at that it won't pass as the two rear fender are not on the vehicle. The tires stick out past the body! To make matters worse if he does the inspection the state will have digital pics that...
  10. vegas

    things to check when buying a '81 BJ40

    Hi all, For those of you playing along at home, I found an '81 BJ40 in great shape and everything I'm looking for. I'm new to these trucks and I'd like to ask for advice on what I should look for when inspecting it. I plan to take it to a Toyota Dealer/Mechanic and have it inspected...
  11. Dozer18

    Headlight upgrades and VA Safety Inspection

    Gents, I'm looking to upgrade the headlights in my 62 using the popular harness from slcfj62 here on Mud, and wanted to upgrade the headlamps to H4/H1s. However, H4s - and any non-DOT headlamps - are technically illegal here in VA (but H1s are okay). Are any of you running these and/or have...
  12. Wes

    SOLD  (TX) 24V Inspection Lamp w/ Blue Bag

    I have two 24V inspection lamps with blue bags for sale. These are the later ones with black chord and yellow cad plated hardware. One bag has a bluer tint to it than the other (I don't believe this is the heavily tinted blue bag found with earlier brown chord lamps) and has a small tear along...
  13. S

    Is there a timing belt inspection cover?

    Looking at an lx470 tonight. The flipper swears that the auction he bought it from stated that it was done at 150k miles (12k ago) and i dont see it coming up on the lexus history. I am going to call the toyota dealership associated with that dealer group but I am not optimistic. Im hoping...
  14. M

    Tech inspection April 22, 2017 at 10am

    Tech inspection March 22, 2017 at 10am. At the Brassfields. Contact club member for address. Bring a side, club will provide the meat.
  15. RFB

    How to get around the dreaded Inspection of a Lifted FJ80

    I live in Ma. and they frown on wheel spacers, tires sticking out and most everything. Any good "tips" to get around the process, besides having a buddy that owns the garage? Im on a 5 in king lift and 1 body wth 345/75/16s and spacers(which Ill remove for insection) But Id like to know how you...
  16. IsuzuPilot

    Fayetteville area cruiser inspection

    Hey fellas, I live in Jackson Mississippi but graduated from UofA. I'm looking at buying my first Land Cruiser. A 100 series I've found in Fayetteville. Do you any of y'all have a recommendation for a mechanic who specializes in LandCruisers? It appears to have a pretty good maintenance record...
  17. alaska120

    Brake Inspection

    * Not on a Cruiser - on a 4Runner) Customer comes by. Can you look at my brakes? They are kinda noisy. Sure, I say. Pull the wheel...well, there's your problem.
  18. F

    Flywheel/Clutch Inspection cover

    Quick question all. Does anyone know a part number for the U shaped seal that sits on the flywheel inspection cover. Mine was brittle and totally fell apart while pulling it off to replace the clutch. Also, it appears that the rest of the sealing of the cover is just a generic rubber/foam tape...
  19. S

    Post Inspection Questions

    Had a pre purchase inspection done on a 1997 and got the report back. 188k miles. Clean car, no rust, California car. There are a few minor issues that are not a concern however Two items showed up that wanted feedback on. 1. Oil Leaks Looks like rear main, level sensor and a front leak at...
  20. houstonfj40

    Wanted  FJ62 transmission inspection plate

    Looking for the inspection plate on the bottom, back of block, front of transmission (auto) on 1990 fj62. Please see picture of where the plate goes. Thank you in advance. FOUND. NO LONGER NEEDED. Marc
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