holley sniper

  1. OJLandy

    Sniper setup not running right

    Have a few thousand miles on my Sniper 2300 setup and I haven't been particularly happy with how its running. Before I installed the kit the motor ran a lot smoother, had more power, often started better, didn't blow "black water" out of the tailpipe, even smelled better. Also loves to die if...
  2. FJ60Cam

    Holley Sniper & Howell Fuel Injection Kits - MUD Discount

    Now offering a 'mud discount for the Howell Fuel F/2F Injection Kits. Use the code MUD50 at checkout for $50 off. Shipping is on us. Whether your carb needs a rebuild or you just want effortless cold starts and a more refined driving experience, fuel injection is one of the best improvements...
  3. NotoriousJJE

    Do these look right to you? Just bought FJ60 digging through it. (plus build thread)

    Hey guys/ gals. New member here. Just bought a new to me '86 FJ60 sight unseen. This is my second FJ60. Had a tan '84 in HS and college that I sold when we had our first kid (like an idiot). It finally got home after a couple of weeks on the back of a transporter. I debated drivng it back...
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