1. C

    Wanted  8" High Pinion E-Locker wanted - FZJ80/FJ80 & LX450

    I'm searching for an 8" High Pinion E-Locker diff or maybe even an open diff high pinion, from a 93-97 FZJ80/FJ80, or 96-97 Lexus LX450. Anyone?
  2. M

    How many miles can you expect before engine fails

    Considering a “high” mileage (300k plus) 100 series LC or LX470. Any one out there have 300k plus on there vehicle? How many miles did you put on it before it failed? And for those with high mileage engines that havent failed how many miles do you have on it currently? Anything I should...
  3. Krusty Krab

    High Rock Canyon Run in June

    Trail: High Rock Canyon Trail leader: Mark This will be a trail ride North of Gerlach. We plan on going through historic High Rock canyon along the Applegate Trail. Some are camping Friday night at the Hot Springs southwest of Soldier Meadows. We will be starting at the Soldier Meadows side...
  4. Saddletramp

    Do you still look like you old high school picture?

    some things never change, most of us still think we are young. But back when you were 18, solid like a rock and thought your Landcruiser was the most bitchin machine ever. I give you two prime examples: Post up your pics, lets see what some of us looked like not so long ago. By the way...
  5. Mr.Bryan

    4x4labs bumper build - High & Tight

    Hey guys, Here's my project from the last few weeks. Almost have it wrapped up at this point. *old arb is sold btw* Got all hyped up when my box 'o' bumper arrived. Couldn't wait to pull off my 13 yr. old ARB and start welding! I started out with I then realized I was not a fan of the angle...
  6. corleykj

    Off road tear drop for a high school project?

    I am a vocational teacher at a high school in Wyoming, and we are looking into making an off road tear drop trailer as a school project. I have seen professional ones sell for $15,000. And I have seen homemade ones sell for $2,500 on craigslist. My tentative plan was to try building one for...
  7. AU FJ40

    Need turn / high beam indicator wiring diagram

    I bought a replacement indicator and they're not exactly the same. Does any have the picture of the wiring and description off what each does? I can't seem locate it. The last lic is the newer one and it has 2 extra wires that are confusing me . Thanks
  8. K

    High Output Alternator 2001 LX 470

    Does anyone have any suggestions on which high output alternator that I should get for my 2001 LX 470. I want something 200a+, that will last for awhile and easily installs. Thanks!
  9. bjowett

    Transmission pan - PML aluminum high capacity

    Th below pictured transmission pan is on its way to my place for testing on the Land Cruiser AB60F transmission. It is a prototype in the as cast finish. Fluid capacity has been increased by 3.25 quarts, so the total transmission circuit should hold almost 15 quarts total. How much cooler it...
  10. G

    Normal idle when cold or warm. High idle when hot after driving

    So I have an issue where my truck runs fine when cool and after a few minutes of driving but anything longer than say 10 minutes the engine wants to run at very high idle at all times. Almost 2000 rpm. Anyone had this issue before?
  11. Racer65

    High altitude jets

    For those of you who run your rig at high altitudes, say 4000-5000 ft, what type of jet do you use in your carb? The assumption here is that you're running an Aisan, Trollhole or other aftermarket equivalent carbs. Also interested to know where did you buy your jets from. Thanks in advance.
  12. N

    Project "Front Runner" Freedom, WI High School Build

    Hello from Green Bay, WI! Thank you Woody for letting us post our little project here. We do a fairly large size car show in the Green Bay area. Freedom High Schools Auto Club provides 30 plus students to volunteer at the show. We have the coolest kids car build! Kids can stamp out a car...
  13. operatorTRP

    moderate high temps, complete loss of power/missing

    Background: 1997 LX450 triple locked SC'd 35" tires 4:88 gearing hood vents disabled aux fan factory sub tank 91 octane 3/4? full main tank, full sub SO I went wheeling last weekend, Texas desert, ambient temps were in the mid 90's F. out for about 30 min on some ranch roads 5-10 mph max...
  14. silverhorse


    So my 94 has 290k on the transmission and t-case. everything else has been rebuilt. I'm not having issues but I'm a PM guy.. and i dont want to be worried about going on long trips... Is their a t-case rebuild kit ? who would "we" trust to service the tranny? ALL ADVISE APPRECIATED AS USUAL....
  15. C

    LC mechanic in Colorado high country

    I like to work on my truck and do what I can with all the info on this site, but some jobs I know I could not do. I have a 94 with a bad rear main leak. Any one out there know of a reputable shop or mechanic with knowledge of these trucks in central Colorado (im in Eagle)? I know about SLee in...
  16. Nader

    Anyone use a high school auto shop for body work?

    I'm thinking there's very little an amateur can screw up on fixing the rust on my rig. The panels are flat, and replacement sheet metal for the tricky parts are widely available. There's no interior trim or upholstery to dick with, and I'm not a stickler for deadlines, originality or...
  17. B

    Failed smog because my idle rpm was too high

    So I took my new FJ62 in to get smogged today and they couldn't perform the test because the rpms idled at 1300. They said it kept shutting their machine down because it was too high. They believed it needed to be around 800 and recommended a specific mechanic (which they're not allowed to...
  18. rugerberetta

    voltage too high pegs my voltage meter at or near 60mph or 3000 rpms

    I have q 71 FJ40 with the F engine it does have a painless wiring harness and Dolphin gauges. I was on my why home from a trip out west from St louis after driving straight through from Brice Canyon NP I made it to KC during rush hour. It was getting light out so I turned off my headlights my...
  19. workingdog

    Question about high beam indicator

    My '66 FJ40 hasn't had a high beam indicator in the dash for a long time. When I was working on the light switch recently, I realized that someone had run both the RY and RW wires to the headlight terminal on the switch. Looking at the writing diagram, it looks like RW should be hooked up, but...
  20. SmokingRocks

    Electronic High Idle Retrofit

    Does anyone know if it is possible to temporarily input a modified signal to the IAC valve to initiate high idle? I'm thinking this might be pretty easy on my OBD1 1fz-fe.
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