1. M

    What would you pay for a clean left hand drive HDJ81?

    As the title says... clean, bone stock sub- 175k mile left hand drive '95 HDJ81 with a manual and factory lockers, no body rust, minimal undercarriage rust (nothing rust converter can't cure), no leaks, no grinds, no unusual noises, and a clean interior without any cracks in the plastic or...
  2. pandasfj

    For Sale  Trail Gear Drive Flanges,So. Cal.

    Have a Trail Gear chromoly flange kit, $70 Paypal friends n family, plus shipping or local pick up.
  3. SNG

    Re-ring a good idea or just drive it tell it dies.

    Compression numbers are 80lbs +/_ 2lbs in every cylinder. Does not burn oil and the spark plugs look good. Runs good but sometimes I think it is tired as I often times have to put it in 4low to get it to move on a steep hill when out playing. It seems like it would probably be reasonable to do...
  4. D

    1994 Land crusier won't shift from drive to first

    I have read countless threads and still can't figure out how to fix my problem. 1994 land cruiser when put into drive, won't down shift to first, just try's to start out in drive, I can manually shift to 1st then 2nd then 3rd and it works great, and then mashing on the throttle it won't down...
  5. thebigredrocker

    71 Front Drive cable removal

    My vacuum actuated front drive works great, but I want to restore the FD knob. Is it a bad idea to remove the cable?
  6. C

    Marks 4 wheel drive

    Has anyone used the bell housing adapter from marks I am trying to decide which way to go I have a 72 40 with a smallblock and a three speed I am going to put a 4 speed in it
  7. M

    For Sale  Full time 4 wheel drive decal

    $15 shipped
  8. ChamoVzla

    Wanted  BJ70 Land Cruiser Left Side Drive

    Looking for a BJ70 in good shape, don't matter if has good miles in it - cash at hand - Left Side drive - good body & minor rust - If you have one you wanna sell, contact me I'll hear offers.
  9. bringemback

    Wanted  STARTER DRIVE FOR 67 FJ40

    I am rebuilding a starter from a 67 F Engine and I need the starter drive.
  10. Sarge24

    Axle swap ????

    I've had my '97 for 4 years now and just bought a locked '95. I bought it with the intention of swapping a few parts that I needed to replace on the '97 including an ARB front bumper and the locking axles. So here is where I am... I have installed the locker switch, light bulbs in the dash...
  11. rc51kid

    How long is driverside front drive shaft?

    Strange question. Does any know how long the driver side front drive shaft is? Or can I just measure from the center of the "pumpkin" to the Birfield to get a good idea? I have to re do my Birfields but will be working in tight quarters on the driver side. It would really suck to get it all...
  12. CurtB

    Why we drive Landcruisers

  13. 97 FZJ80

    For Sale  Power Seat - Plastic Screw drive Guide/Holder

    I'm not sure if this applies to other models, but the the 80 series power seats needed some plastic parts replaced when they wear out. This is the plastic parts that holds the rear of the screw shaft
  14. 93jspec

    Slee Double Cardon spicer front drive shaft..salvageable?

    This last weekend a few friends and I did a little drive up here in Alaska. We went a took what is called the "Bettels snow road" which is only available in the winter. During the summer the only way in is by boat and plane. Then we headed up north and camped just a few miles from Coldfoot...
  15. DocuDude

    Can you still drive when the AHC fails?

    I've checked FAQ and Search but I still can't figure out all the info about the AHC. I have several questions, but most important, if the AHC fails, can the 100/LX470 keep driving indefinitely or once it fails, you are stuck? How high and low in inches can you adjust?
  16. 3

    Sloppy drive train and whine

    Hey guys I've been dealing with a worn out clutch and a lot of play in my fj40 for years now. I'm looking to have someone look it over and tell me what it needs in the northwest Georgia area. Anyone have a trusted mechanic in that area? Thanks
  17. rustybucket

    oil light fickers on camry ..1/4 low drive home..light flickers again .. no oil pressure!

    I was thinking...mmm bad oil pressure light switch? I was heading off the highway to see my my old house when the light on 3sfe engine was flickering. I turned around drove 1/4 mile stopped at a gas station and perched a quart of oil. The engine does not leak or burn oil. So checked the stick it...
  18. flipout007

    Wanted  Direct drive actuator 4sp

    Trying to adapt a 4spd h42 and 2f in a 73 that originally had 1f/3spd. All is done except the front drive actuator shaft doesn't line up with the lever linkage. I read somewhere I need to swap the actuator from a 4spd setup. Any advice? SOR wants more for the parts than I paid for the tranny.
  19. Ming89FJ62

    Drive Line Thunk Solved?

    I've been trying to diagnose a drive line "thunk" for the better part of a year - searched and checked the sway bar problem. Looked for play in the u-joints...nothing. The "thunk" was pronounced in both forward and reverse after putting the car in gear and getting starting...
  20. Buckets

    What's that sound and why won't my FJ move?

    New-ish FJ80 owner here. Found a 94 and it's been running like a charm for quite a while. Today while driving I noticed a grinding sound as I stopped at a light. In drive, the truck won't idle forward. I can accelerate and it takes a moment to respond, then jumps forward harshly and cruises for...
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