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  1. M80

    Red or Black 5....4....3....2.... Wiring DX

    Hi Mudders I own a 1994 80 Series DX (povo pack) I really hope someone can lead me in the rite direction. I recently acquired some very well looked after gel doors and started refitting the interior bits to my dx, on the passenger side (left hand side down here in OZ) the cable and plug run...
  2. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale Electric Window Master Control and Bezel FJ80, Window Regulators

    SoCal Master Control does all 4 power windows plus Doorlock $75 Bezel for Master Control in Very Good Condition $40 One in Brown, One in Grey Shipping at cost, and it is less than $10 within USA Window Regulators with Motors for all 4 doors for 1990-1997 FJ80 $50 front, $45 rear, shipping at...
  3. AggieLC

    Wanted 100 Series Door Lock Actuator

    Hi I'm looking for a door lock actuator for the front passenger side of my 2003 100 series. Mine has a gear stripped in it and is making a horrific noise. I am located in Tyler, TX 75706 and would like to have it shipped. I can pay you through PayPal or meet you somewhere if your within a few...
  4. aljollano

    Wanted Gas door lock

    Hi, I'm looking for the gas door lock in working condition with the key for an 81 fj40. Thanks. A.J
  5. txnight

    Drivers side door lock

    Put down your flame thrower. I have searched this issue to death. Symptom: drivers side door will not unlock with key fob or electric door switch. All other locks correctly. In order to lock the front door you have to flip the manual lock switch on the door. Attempted fix: thinking the...
  6. T4RBoarder

    Drivers rear door latch jammed

    Hey guys, Yesterday while fiddling around trying to get my all my speakers to work (whole different story :rage:) I noticed that I could no longer open my rear door. When pulling the outside handle it seems as if I could not pull it as far as usual and any combo of pulling the outer or inner...
  7. seventysixers

    For Sale (Ut) fj-60/62fuel door with lock and key

    I have an Fj60/62 fuel door with lock and key $30 plus shipping Text if interested 801-209-7396
  8. gnarlytoes

    Door lock cylinder

    My wife's '97 had the rear hatch replaced at some point before I bought it. Never noticed until the other day that the key does not fit the lock on it. Is it possible to get a new lock cylinder to fit the original key? Can this one be modified to fit the key?
  9. S

    Source for Door Lock Cable 2002 100 Series?

    Hey everyone, I was replacing my actuator motors and accidently broke some of the cable off that runs from my door lock to the actuator assembly on my front passenger side door. Unfortunately, this piece is not sold on its own for the 2002 100 series Land Cruiser. I don't want to have to buy...
  10. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale FJ80 Doors, Door handles, Glass, and Window Regulators

    SoCal: Pasadena California area MORE AVAILABLE I have built some off road cars using Land Cruiser components and realized that I have been gathering up doors. Door Handles: (shipping available around $7) Driver Front Door Handle $55, three available...
  11. mccurdyp

    Auto Door lock and alarm

    I own a 2001 Land Cruiser down in Honduras. On a number of occasions now (and late at night of course), the alarm has gone off unexpectedly when the vehicle is locked. And not sure if it's related, but the door lock button works fine all the time, but now, more frequently, it won't lock with the...
  12. H


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