1. Tomarchio

    79 FJ40: Back Soot & Fuel Additives

    I have a 1979 FJ40. I am seeing black soot spots on my garage floor when I start the engine. What could this be an indication of and would anyone suggest any additives that they use?
  2. Hitoy4x4

    For Sale  2003 HZJ79L EX MINING TRUCK

    FOR SALE 2003 HZJ79L EX MINING TRUCK. 2003 HZJ79 by Hitoy4x4 posted Dec 5, 2017 at 9:53 AM2003 HZJ79 by Hitoy4x4 posted Dec 5, 2017 at 9:53 AM THE TRUCK DOES NOT HAVE A TITLE AS IS NOT TO BE PUT ON ROAD. HAVE SEEN PUT ON 80 CHASSIS OR UNDER A "REBUILT" TITLE. TRUCK RUNS AND DRIVES, CAB ROUGH...
  3. chappohj47

    Check this 79 series out

  4. Francorotunno

    land cruiser 79 1gr or 1vd

    I was on my way of buying a brand new land cruiser double cab lhd, only 1gr option and import to my country (venezuela). When i was ready to pay the seller told about the new 1vd option lhd. I am a cruiserholic and i want the best option of this car. In my country diesel is not popular here only...
  5. S

    79 series full time 4wd conversion

    Over the last number of weeks I have been gathering information to convert my fzj79 from part time 4wd to full time 4wd, I have good reason to do this conversion as I travel a lot of dirt roads in between stretches of bitumen and also on and off the road driving around the farm. I could find 0...
  6. Eco 45

    All Hypothetical of course; 79 Double Cab or 76 Series Body

    Supposed one stumbled across the option to either purchase the cab with interior for a 79 Series Double Cab LHD or the main body with interior for a 76 Series LHD, but were only given the option to buy one...which would you choose?? No frames, engines, front fenders, or hood; just the body and...
  7. 3

    For Sale  rare? 79 radiator and shroud.....MT

    as near as I can figure out this is a 79 radiator. includes shroud. not perfect, 6 of the tubes are cut and sealed off tanks are both good. $250 plus shipping or offer
  8. greenbeast

    For Sale  2 79+ tubs for sale, Combo deal!

    I have a Landcruiser Heaven all steel 3/4 tub, ready to replace your rusted 79-83 fj40. No wait time, it is crated and ready to ship now. I'm only selling it as my project has gone another direction and this is no longer needed. Gives you that OEM appearance instead of the aluminum option which...
  9. Catfish28

    For Sale  79 series truck bed tray

    I have a truck bed off of a 2015 79 series truck. New truck take off. Some minor handling marks. Great shape. I'm open to discussing shipping options. In Birmingham, Al. Can help with loading. It's probably a 3 person job, but I suppose 2 could do it if we really really want to. $1900.
  10. freyes

    70 71 73 74 76 79 Series VPR4X4 Builds VIPERACC

    Its great to be here, this is a great web forum. We are looking forward to becoming a part of this site more in the future. We wanted to make a thread of the 70 series vehicles we use for Rally Racing and Demo use at Off road events in South America. If you have any questions about any of the...
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