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May 29, 2021
Pacific NorthWest
I wanted to ask y'all. What are you doing to keep your 40s in your garage? With the accelerated value and relative ease to steal these older gems. What are you adding to prevent yours from being hotwired, etc.....? I live in the sticks so I dont worry about much at home and driving around locally but when I have to head in to the nearby cities it's always in the back of my mind. I would like to add something to prevent anyone from being able to start mine. Extra hitch mine is diesel. Thank you for your time.
Put an electrical disconnect that keeps the engine from starting.
Club with front wheels cranked hard, brake club, multiple kill switches, hand brake on, locked battery disconnect, plain wrap shift knobs, park in 4lo, locked hood, bad-tempered dog, Smith and Wesson. Parts will still go missing though.
apparently just live in a decent area, as i leave it unlocked with the keys in it most times
I grew up in a house where we never locked door - until we got robbed.
apparently just live in a decent area, as i leave it unlocked with the keys in it most times

Me too! One of the many advantages of living out in the country.
Not that it will stop someone determined, I got this off Amazon, i can unscrew the top and take it with me, so unless they want to spend more than intended time to lift a car, “move along”

This is always in my mind with my 40 and my chevelle. I don’t leave it anywhere overnight or long periods where I can’t see it easily (besides locked in garage). I know people that have gotten those Apple airtags and hid them in their classic cars. At least then if it’s stolen, better chance of recovery. Otherwise, me and Haggerty insurance agree on a very high value for everything so I’d just start over if stolen.
Bought this from Amazon:

It comes with spacers to adjust the length under the pedals so it fits nicely the high pedals of the 40.
Bought this from Amazon:
View attachment 2932276
It comes with spacers to adjust the length under the pedals so it fits nicely the high pedals of the 40.
You would be better served disabling the accelerator pedal than the clutch pedal.
I think most thieves stealing classic cars these days aren’t driving away with them. Most of what I’ve heard of is repo-style trucks that can just back up to it and be gone. Making it harder for someone to push away or get started is a good idea, but a determined/professional thief won’t care.
Another thing I’ve heard constantly is most classic cars thefts, it was easy to pattern the target. Same routine, parking in the same spot, parked on the street/driveway overnight, etc. Making sure you park in visible locations or parking in difficult spots makes it less enticing/easy. Staying in hotels at car shows is another big one: hook up in the middle of the night and gone.
A couple years ago I had some crackheads surround me at a gas station one morning in my chevelle (5 am on a Sunday leaving work). Looks like they waited for me outside our locked fence. Parked 1 car in front of me and 1 car behind me and said one of them was going to drive my car home for me because I didn’t “seem” right…. Kept the driver door open blocking that side and I had the gas pump pointed at any of them that started approaching. Also had a taser in the other hand because I carry it when I drive my cars to work because we “can’t” have guns on the property….. it took a few minutes but they finally moved but were basically in a position to try and follow me. Good thing for me is their crackhead cars couldn’t keep up with the power I had and I lost them quickly. Called the cops and they said there was no crime so nothing they could do.

So…. Just an alarm might not do ****. Everyone always loses their 10mm but I seem to always have one handy in my cars now.
Remember these, they were a big thing a while ago:

Amazon product


Park and turn the wheel fully to left or right, then install.

Having the wheels turned makes it difficult to winch the vehicle onto a flatbed tow truck.
Unfortunately a hacksaw defeats the Club pretty easily by cutting the steering wheel.

I think most are taken by tow truck snatch method or winched onto a trailer. Much quicker than trying to hot wire and drive it off.
I feel like the pedal locks aren't that helpful. If they go on the brake/clutch you can still drive it without both.
At least to drive it enough to get it away from where it's at then trailer it out of there.

Doesn't keep from pushing/towing but can take off the coil wire.

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