1. psulick3

    '84 60 Rear Drawer, Table, and Fridge Slide

    I thought I'd share a little weekend project I've been working on for the last few weeks. I ordered a KISS drawer from Landshark Outfitters and I wanted to incorporate a cutting board/table and fridge slide on the other side of my cruiser. The KISS drawer was simple to build, easy to customize...
  2. Ice cold

    KISS drawer system

    This year at HIH8 we were lucky enough to win a KISS half drawer. I put this in my wife's 05 lx on the driver side. This was a fun easy to build project that will help organize everything floating around our truck. Dave from Land Shark has done an outstanding job developing this product, the...
  3. icorradoi

    ARB Fridge Slide without drawers

    Has anyone mounted their ARB fridge slide directly to the floor in the back of their 80? I use the 3rd row sorta frequently and I would like to be able to install and remove the fridge fairly quickly. It's a 50qt. ARB Just wondering what the best way to do this would be? Plywood bolted to...
  4. DJCloz


    I have a brand new ARB fridge slide. I paid $370 for it after tax and shipping a couple months ago. I took too long to install it and I have decided to go in another direction. I cant return it because I bought it over 30 days ago. its brand new and never even installed. Call or Text...
  5. DJCloz

    For Sale ARB Fridge Slide SoCal

    I have an ARB fridge slide for sale. It's for a 50 quart. I bought t brand new for almost $400 after tax and shipping. Let it sit around for 5 months and now decided to go in another direction. It's never been used and in the box. $350 takes it. Text carlos 562-760-0878
  6. msapers

    Slide out kitchen for my 80 is finally becoming a reality! (pics)

    I've been working on my slide out kitchen mods to the KISS drawers in my 80. When it's done, all of the work surfaces will be covered in stainless steel. I'm still playing with a few things like a 40" extension to the return with a collapsible sink but when it's done, it will all pack up into...
  7. JCruse

    Building slide out camp kitchen.

    I've started building a full slide out 2 or 3 section kitchen for the back of the 80. Since I'm not that experienced at woodworking I'm using EZ-Tube for a frame and 1/4" marine board, plus some full extension slides of course. It will have a sink, stove, grill, a fold down or slide out...
  8. rctoyota

    Finished our 80 storage system with fridge slide

    Well took some good weekends and with some of Cleo's help we finally finished our sliding storage box and fridge slide for the 80. Always wanted a storage box and after seeing Ron's (@Dimples) build I was inspired to tackle it. Then I decided to take it up a notch and make a customer fridge...
  9. S

    Fridge slide

    For those of you using a fridge, do you have it on a slide or just permanent mounted. I have an Engel 60qt, and was planning on building a slide for it, but now I am reconsidering. Mostly, because of my short stature, even if it did slide out to the tailgate, I'll still need to be on the...
  10. Z

    Three slide brushes broken in Rear elock actuator.

    I have looked but can't find a rebuild kit....any suggestions on how to fix?
  11. jerryb

    pioneer avh x7800bt slide out screen into 2006 LC with NAV.

    I messed around with this all day yesterday, mostly because I had no idea on any mount depth issues. From the pictures you can see that it's about 1/2" out. I've ordered ring spacers to fill. I had a shallow mount kenwood in there before. Space is tight, the pioneer needs about 7.75 or so...
  12. Zezima288

    FZJ80 Third Row Seats

    I am driving into an incredible deal on some FZJ80 3rd row leather seats on craigslist from a 1997 FZJ80, curiously, will they directly mount into an 1991 FJ80? I apologize if this has been asked already. I included an image of the seats for reference.
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