1. R

    For Sale  Selling fj60 or trade hot springs, ar

    Reluctantly, selling my 85’ 60 series. Love the truck but it needs someone who has the time and mechanical knowledge to get it what it needs. Two things I don’t have. Very clean! Very stock. Was my daily driver, has 202k miles on it. Thought it was a gasket issue mechanic found a crack. See...
  2. Murk

    For Sale  1974 FJ55

    1974 Toyota FJ55 Land Cruiser with a freshly rebuilt 350 chevy motor and an automatic TH350 Trans with a B&M Shifter. Daily driver with the standard roof rust of these generation cruisers. All the windows are intact and work including the electric tailgate window. Has all of the original tools...
  3. Masud

    How much would this sell for?

    guys I'm owner of an fzj80 and I don't know much bout 60s so help me out here please I'm trying to figure out how much this 60 is worth or how much it would sell for. I don't have much information aside from the mileage and of course the car has little dents here and there. Also the car is Holds...
  4. B

    For Sale  1998 LC 100 - sell or trade for pickup truck

    Was hoping to keep this one for a long time but we need something with more power to tow our Land Rover (I know, don't laugh). Willing to do a partial trade if you have something newer. Must have 4 doors. I have kids. Has the rear locker 263K miles Timing belt, water pump, heater Ts, and crank...
  5. HitTheDirt

    My dilemma, sell as is or finish it first?

    I bought this 83 last fall, on the auction site, site unseen. I knew nothing about LC's and now I know quite a bit, after rebuilding the knuckles, brakes, etc. I also found that my frame is rusted through on the inside C channel midway through the truck. At the time I planned to just swap it...
  6. jtcolumbia

    80 series bumper parts...Identify parts to sell

    Hello. I recently replaced the front bumper with an ARB winch bumper. I have the factory tow hooks and these two pieces left over. I will be selling them but I am not sure of the name of the other two other parts. Any info and an idea of value would be great! Thanks in advance!
  7. srf18

    How to sell a Land Cruiser

    Not mine, but one of the more creative "why I'm selling" vehicle descriptions I've seen in a while. Enjoy. 1994 Toyota Land Cruiser All Terain Monster
  8. Ramathorn15

    Do I need anything special to sell on Mud?

    Hoping to get an answer from a mod. Do I need to do anything to be able to sell my small creations through mud? Aka things I build for cruisers. Thanks!
  9. landscrambler

    Gov attempting to sell 3.3m acres of national land

    Not trying to be political but I would imagine many of us who enjoy using BLM areas would be opposed to this. Republicans move to sell off 3.3m acres of national land, sparking rallies If this bothers you, please be vocal, call your elected leaders, and share.
  10. timmbuck2

    For Sale  1969 FJ55 - part out or sell whole?

    Bought this last year, keep meaning to part it out, then every time I start to place an ad, I see the pics and think it could be a decent runner. Bought it from a guy way out in the boonies on the western slope of Colorado. He had it since 92, talked about driving it with his dad, but he is...
  11. dcguillory

    Sell My brand new double beadlocks?

    So ever since I got my new wheels and (newish) tires the 80 has been a lawn ornament. I didn't quite understand the backspacing issue and there is no way these things are gunna tuck in without more lift or a lot of cutting. I don't want to do either. I have a Ironman 2" lift, atm, that is very...
  12. toyotalandfj40

    For Sale  OEM Aisin 8 blade fan $50 (SoCal)

    Ordered the wrong fan, selling it for fifty dollars off of what I paid for it. Shipping was about $15 from Utah, give you guys an idea. Fits Fj70s and 80s from 90-92 with the 3FE engine. E
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