1. RockAuto

    RockAuto...Part & FAQ Search Made Easy!

    The unique catalog makes it easy to see all the parts we have for your vehicle. Search boxes are available as well to help scroll to your specific vehicle, identify which category a part is listed under or do a Part Number Search. Now you can also use a search box to quickly see...
  2. Geoff Callarman

    FJ55 search

    I think I've decided on an FJ55. I also think I want one with the ever popular chevy 350 swap since I'll be driving it alot. Thoughts? Where is the best place to look?
  3. hammerheadfistpunch

    Parts search 97!

    Sorry, dumb title. Anyway, I am wondering if anyone knows a good source for cruiser parts in the Utah or intermountain area. I found a few parts on but its a lot of shipping for some of the heavier parts. I've put in a request at some local pic n pulls but they mostly don't...
  4. mudpaws

    May 1986 FJ60 search

    Hey folks! I put this in Chit-Chat, and now wanted to see if I can further the word out to try and find a rig I once owned. 7/2009 I sold 'er, and didn't look back. Until recently. I was the second owner. This kid (NOT a Cruiser guy- I should've refused the sale) buys it and sells it forward in...
  5. M

    Information from GXOR Group on Facebook

    I am new to this vehicle but I have been participating in online automotive forums for about 15 years. This is the first time that I have found a Facebook group to be more informative and active than the forum. The Facebook group has tons on information that is not on here but I find it very...
  6. TacoJonn

    Best Place To Search for Used 40's Besides Craigslist/Ebay

    Are there any other good sources to look for used FJ40's besides Craigslist or Ebay Autos? Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  7. sunrk website disappeared ! was a brilliant alternative to after Toyota apparently forced to region-lock access to parts diagrams meaning the only way to view them is using a special proxy add-on in firefox, chrome, etc. I used it extensively in recent weeks to organise a big...
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