1. Yardboy

    Back Yard Party

    Ok boys and girls... Pam and I are having a yard party April 22, 5pm. i will be smoking some meat and grilling some other stuff. If anybody would like to come you are more than welcome. No RSVP necessary, just show up. Bring your own adult beverage of choice, if the kids come bring drinks for...
  2. 65FJ45

    Parting Out  Catered Garage Sale / barter party

    It's been a while and some of you will remember me. I'm looking to set up a day to have a by-invitation discount sale / barter party / work party. I have still have quite a lot of cruiser parts that I need to thin down as well as lots of misc junk, materials, tools, etc. that have piled up...
  3. leucadiacruiser

    Beach N Toys Christmas Party 2015 - Saturday, December 12 at Dixon Lake

    :candycane::candycane::candycane::candycane::candycane::candycane:Beach N Toys Annual Christmas Party details::candycane::candycane::candycane::candycane::candycane: When: Saturday, December 12 from 2-duskish Where: Dixon Lake Campground, Escondido. There is an entry fee to the park. Potluck...
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