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  1. P

    Calling all Cruiserheads!

    Hey everyone, need some big time help PLEASE! My LX has been down for a while due to a clunking noise coming from the undercarriage. It's not the birfields as I know that sound well (been suffering for a while and haven't been able to get to them). The issue is when she starts moving, so I am...
  2. Dan skye1

    trans cooler hard line blues

    Dear mudders, I don't appear on here much but need your help: my beloved 80 ( 250 K Miles and going strong )needs new hard tranny cooler lines on a beer budget... Any good source for pipes? No longer available +$$ new Thanks in advance you guys are the best! I love reading the forums! PS...
  3. 1

    Need Help With Hose Connection

    Can someone please tell me what the other end of this hose connects to? My pics have failed me... It 79 FJ40 2F engine I'll give you extra points if you can provide a picture. Thanks
  4. residualboulders

    New FJ55 owner with questions

    Sold my HJ45. So, with the unexpected full support of my wife, took a road trip last week and brought home a 1979 FJ55. She loves it, and my kids are already staking claims in case I kick the bucket. Overall the truck is in great shape, I'm just trying to figure out a few things: 1 - Looks like...
  5. F

    Need help ASAP / Thin Spring behind balancer

    Doing my seal behind the harmonic balancer today as well as the pile pump cover seal. Took off harmonic balancer and had a small pic in behind the seal pulling it out. also caught a very thin spring and pulled it out as well. Have no clue what this thing is, where it goes, etc. Want...
  6. MoodyCruiser

    Need help with part ID

    I found a leak yesterday on the old 2f Pretty sure it was engine oil. Looked like it was coming from this part or the hose in the back of it. With the engine running, I could see oil running through the top of it. I'm a bit of a rookie and looked through all the diagrams and forums I could...
  7. Todrn55

    Need help on diff/t case plugs.

    I'm about to baseline my 1998 LX470's fluids.....front diff has 10mm allen key fill/drain plugs. T-case has the ~24mm hex bolt style as does the rear diff. Is there one specific plug that will do for all these areas??...meaning can I replace them ALL with low profile allen key magnetic drain...
  8. natas801

    Need Help !!! 3L clutch kit part number

    Guys I need help finding the clutch kit in the US.It is for a 2.8 3L flywheel I put on a 2.4 LTE
  9. B

    need help 1HD FT vacuum pipe routing

    hello everyone i just finished working on a 1hdft, now need help with the vacuum lines this is a non EGR system, i have searched a lot couldn't find anything :/ a disgram or picture would help loads! thanks in advance
  10. texast6

    need help identifying transfer case

    My tcase output seals need replacing in a bad way, I'm 6 days out from lonestar toyota jamboree, and have bought the wrong seals, my Internet searching has not been fruitful. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 85 fj60 with a 5 speed installed by pre vious owner.
  11. 1

    Cone Washer Removal - Need Help

    I'm attempting to service the front axle on my 79 FJ40 but I can't remove 2 of the 4 cone washers that secure the steering arm. I've tried tapping the housing with a hammer, heat with a torch and liquid wrench. I can't get them to break free and I can't get the steering arm to budge with them...
  12. JCruse

    I need help finding a good gas BBQ of a certain size.

    I'm trying to find a BBQ grill that will fit inside the slide-out kitchen I'm building. It can be no longer than 22", no deeper than 16", and no taller than 9" to 12". The height is negotiable because the taller it is the smaller the drawer underneath it will have to be, and there's not much...
  13. 3

    3FE Newbie in Need of Help

    Hello Everyone, My apologies for not being more proactive with posting (especially pics) as I have had a lot going on in life. I have a 1991 Land Cruiser with 333,000 miles on the clock and have put 250 miles on the tank since purchase. I have replaced the battery, the alternator looks to be...
  14. S

    I need help pulling the trigger

    Ive been on here researching 100s and 120s for the better oart of a year and aggressively searching for 100s up and down the east coast for a month. most are seemungly good until you look under them and yesterday i saw one thats a little over budget and not sure if ishould pounce. Details: 06...
  15. Suhaib

    Need help identifying parts (after accident) for repair

    Good afternoon all, I recently have an accident caused by other driver, but the insurance concluded that its 50 50% fault, hence it will cover half the cost of damage. I plan to buy and fix parts on my own rather than going to body shop in order to fix everything within the budget. However, i...
  16. TX73FJ40

    Dallas/Plano Area - Need help with breaks. Who do you recommend. 1973 FJ40

    I live in Plano, TX. I am in need of some brake (all drums) work. Who do you recommend I can take my FJ to. The last time I had work done was by Yung in Garland. He very reasonable and could fix anything! Thanks, Tom W.
  17. B

    Need help identifying this roof rack

    I bought this stock 1974 FJ40 woth original paint (except the white roof and front bezel that have been repainted), motor, working smog equipment, etc.... It came with the roof rack in the pictures that I am going to sell. I have no idea how long it's been on the truck or its value. Anyone have...
  18. Compass4x4

    fj62 bucking? need help

    hello, I have a 89 fj62. I am having a little trouble diagnosing my problem. Ill start off by telling you what is new within the last 2-3k mikes head rebuilt all OEM parts injectors fuel pump filter fuel pulsation dampener pressure regulator intake coupler off throttle body adjusted kick down...
  19. torpedo51

    A/C non-op: need help to locate all the switches

    Hi, My FJ62 has A/C that isn't working. AC Dash button: operational and illuminated AC fuse: good AC clutch: not engaging. The pigtail wire isn't delivering voltage to the clutch electromagnet. I need to know what other switches exist and where they're LOCATED in the system, so that I...
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