1. Lexacruiser

    Just bought a GX460 and we need some suspension help

    After lurking in the shadows and consuming all the info I could my wife and I made a leap and purchased our 2017 GX460 last week. It is black on black with 40k miles. I have an SSO roof rack coming, blue ridge overland panels, better brakes because they are pretty mushy, and an MTS module. I...
  2. A

    LC200 BP-51 / King 2.5 Suspension upgrade

    How would you describe the on-road and off-road improvements that come from a BP-51 or King 2.5 suspension upgrade on an all-stock 2014 LC200? Also, are there any negatives you have noticed after upgrading the LC200 OEM suspension? My use is 85% in town with the remainder being a mix of windy...
  3. T

    Tips For KING Shocks Owners - Ride Quality

    DISCLAIMER: I just have to mention that what I may consider something that works, may not work at all for you or may not be effective for your application. So this is just to get you thinking about your setup and what the issue is or how to optimize it for your needs. Some of these tips are not...
  4. C

    2013 Landcruiser suspension build with King Race shocks and Volk Racing

    Wanted to share my suspension journey or nightmare, which took about 2 years to finally finish. First bought my Bronze Volk TE37s 18x9s about 2 years ago and wrapped them in Hankooks. It immediately starts to rub the fender liner and mud flaps at full lock. Thought I was going to raise the...
  5. hamishpotter

    King / OME / coil spacer vibes issues

    Pardon everyone for posting this on the Compiled Suspension spec thread earlier. I recently picked up a set of King 2.5 resi adjustable shocks for 0-2" lift for my 80 as well as 2.5" caster plates from Wits' End and new OEM bushings for the control arms. I'm on OME medium springs (~ 2.5" lift)...
  6. dubyahard

    Meddling with an AHC lift

    This weekend I was finally able to tackle my AHC lift using @DirtDawg 's documented method here: 2-2.5" AHC Lift Using King Coils & Shock Spacers Great instructions and a little assistance from him made the install pretty easy, done by myself, over 4ish hours on Friday afternoon/evening. I...
  7. T

    ICON vs KING (My Experience)

    Disclaimer: My intention is to share my experience, and what worked best for my application and use. I am and will never claim to hate on a specific shock brand, and say one is better then the other overall and instead provide details of how they all performed in my testing and where they excel...
  8. Reckless

    OME BP51 gimmicky?

    I've been anxiously waiting for my Icons adjustable coil overs to come in, they have been on back order for over a month now. I started having doubts if Icons are truly the best suspension for me and started googling Kings (esp the 3.0). I came across a very interesting video online: At...
  9. Jacob Harris

    For Sale  08+ Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Series OEM Replacement King Racing Shocks - Albuquerque, NM

    These Front Coil Overs from King Off-Road Racing were put on the truck strictly for fitment purposes. The vehicle did not touch the ground with the shocks installed. They are brand new out of the box, and will ship in their original packaging. King Part Number: 25001-266A - OEM Performance...
  10. Tredwards

    AHC springs question: king vs lexus

    I have a 2005 LX470. I am going to be installing front and rear arb bumpers soon and have new lexus rear springs currently in place. Put in about 1 year ago. I have a set of slee 30mm rear spring spacers in the garage that I had originally planned on placing when the new bumpers went on...
  11. BAJA FJ40

    KING 2.0 Emulsion/Piggyback/Remote (Application)

    Looking for some tips/info/recommendations prior to purchase of rear shocks. Vehicle Weight & Application - FJ40, V8, 35" Tires family cage w/safari rack rear bumper w/spare tire swing, rack, spare fuel cans, etc Front: Y-Link, coil-overs Rear: FJ60 leafs, SOA 30% Crawling / 35% Off-road / 35%...
  12. tplane2

    New King 3.0 Setup for the 200

    King showing off their new setup at a UAE show. Couldn't find any specs, but looks legit. Rears look to have external compression and rebound adjustments, not just the knob. ....Oh and that bumper!
  13. B

    For Sale  2010 Toyota Tundra Double Cab - Offroad Bumpers Beadlocks Winch King Coilovers

    2010 Toyota Tundra 4.6L w/ ~65,500 miles The Good: Low mileage at 65,500 - Regular synthetic oil changes every 4k miles since I bought it at 45k King Coilover Shocks w/ reservoir in front BFG AT 315/70r17 tires Hutchinson Rock Monster Beadlock Wheels - Real 2 piece beadlocks, not simulated or...
  14. DJCloz

    Reservoir Shocks, Need some input / feedback

    Did a quick search and nothing really came up. I am looking to upgrading to some reservoir Shocks and I am not sure what brand I should go with. I currently running the Old Man Emu 6000 shocks. I don't have any complaints, but I have the opportunity to sell these to a friend and upgrade...
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