1. A

    Torsion bar trouble - could use some help

    I am currently travelling Argentina in a LC100 (HDJ100: European model 2004 with 4.2 ltr 1HD-FTE diesel engine). The Automatic Ride Height stuff was removed and the height is set higher than usual to get more clearance. It's quite heavy: I guess we're getting close to 4000 kgs. TJM bumper with...
  2. T

    Bought a '02 LC one month ago - help wanted to investigate some symptoms

    Hello everyone and glad to be here on this forum. Roughly one month ago I bought a '02 LC100 with the 1HD-FTE engine and there are some problems I would like to get help investigating. Obviously I will visit a specialist but first I would like to know your opinion on that. So here they are: 1...
  3. imdek

    J10 Navigation problems

    Hi together, I'm new to this board, so first of all I'd like to intorduce myself: my name is Dmitry (or Dimitry), born in Ukraine (former ex-Soviet Union), living in Germany. I'm driving the toyotas since 15 years - HJ60 (sold), K/LJ73 (broken apart), KDJ95 (current) and now since couple of...
  4. Silencedj

    Shok transmission HDJ100

    Hi guys, I have a situation, maybe you can help me. The subject is HDJ 100, 4.2 engine, 204 hp, manual gearbox. When 1 start I feel a short shok in transmission and almost every time when I change the speed. In plus, when I change from 1st to second speed it's happens extremely hard especially...
  5. eleblanc

    For Sale HDJ100...a diesel 100, located in Montreal, Canada

    Hi, Playing with the idea of letting my HDJ100 go, it is simply not being used as it should be. As far as i am concerned it is the only one in north America, still registered as a V8, originally sold in USA, i think it should be easy to import back in the USA. The UZJ100 originally bought from...
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