1. James Bentley

    Wanted  LabRak Passenger Side antenna mount - 100 series

    Looking for a LabRak Passenger Side antenna mount to fit a 100 series. I'm ok with new or used. Looks like this: https://forum.ih8mud.com/threads/100-series-labrak-antenna-mount-passenger-side.991039/
  2. SportsmanJake

    Looking for advice on antennas and mounting locations for CB and ham

    Hi CLCC, I am looking for advice on where to mount a CB antenna and a 2m/70cm antenna. I am asking on the club page because I've talked to a few club members who are very knowledgeable and would like to have some local support if I need to troubleshoot. Goal: Determine best place to mount ham...
  3. LongDuck

    HAM Test Challenge - Wave 2 - Saturday, May 27!

    New thread to prepare for 'Wave 2' of club members who are interested in getting HAM Amateur Radio licensed through The AZ Amateur Radio Club VE Testing held on the 4th Saturday of each month. The next VE Testing Date is Saturday, May 27 @7p. AZ Amateur Radio Club (VE Testing): www.w7io.org...
  4. alia176

    HAM license renewal

    I know that some of us are about to encounter our first HAM license renewal, 'cause we took the test about the same time. Here's the process that I just went through: FCC will send you a reminder of expiration, along with the means of sending a check or renewing via online. I chose the...
  5. Hayes

    Help HAM newbie with Yaesu FT-60R

    In regard to using repeaters: I tune to the OUTPUT frequency of the repeater station. If I have ARS (Automatic Repeater Shift) enabled, any transmission I make while tuned to the output frequency will occur on the correct INPUT frequency for the repeater? Is this correct? Beyond the...
  6. LongDuck

    Future Club HAMster's, unite! HAM Test Challenge Date, APR22.

    After talking with a few club members about HAM Radio Licensing, there's a group of us that want to go for the 'Technician' license in order to lawfully use 146.460Mhz (and other frequencies in the HAM spectrum) for communications on the trail. After getting jaded on the uncontrolled traffic and...
  7. chap79

    Ham/CB Microphone Holders

    I've had my radios mounted like this for quite a few years now but haven't thought of a clever way to secure the mics. I'm curious what those with radios are doing. I've thought about the @bhicks mic holders but I use the stock cubby to hold stuff and I have two mics to secure. Gearkeepers also...
  8. krice118

    CB/ Ham Mounts

    Lets see pictures of how you have mounted up Ham and or CB radios. I am planning on installing a Cobra 18 into the dash under my single DIN head unit. Looking for pictures of the Radio mounting inside the trucks
  9. nnnnnate

    Modded cassette deck for HAM face plate mount.

    I finally bought a mobile ham radio for my rig last week and had been struggling with where to mount it. I wanted it in a place that was easy to see and touch but wasn't in the way and wouldn't provide more clutter. I looked at the dash and thought that the cassette deck was in about the...
  10. leucadiacruiser

    Tri-City Amateur Radio club HAM test April 20

    Appears to be new club in town and they're offering a test day for those of you still in need of a ticket. Check 'em out here.
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