1. F

    HD Clutch or standard Aisin clutch

    So I am rebuilding my 62 drivetrain (h55f and rebuild t-case) and just bout to order a new clutch and just wanted some feedback. the 62 is more of a daily driver with random excursions then the bi-monthly weekend wheeling trip, at best. I know the Aisin clutch is solid component but I am just...
  2. hudsontucker166

    Need some flywheel help FJ40 ‘78

    Have a 78FJ40. Year ago put in brand new rebuilt 2F and mated a FJ60 new 5spd trans - completed by my local shop. Engine has been vibrating and pinging and rattling since. Mechanics now seem stumped but think the clutch burnt out due to me shifting 2-3K miles on the new trans. They want to...
  3. 79NCFJ40

    leaking clutch fliud

    Has anyone had any problems with leaking clutch fluid? My FJ40 has been sitting in the garage for a while. I was going to start it up and go for a drive but the clutch pedal went to the floor. The fluid is low in the reservoir and there is a puddle on the floor.
  4. Offroad40

    1970 FJ40 3 on the tree, Clutch problem?

    I have a 1970 fj40 and a few weeks back I went to drive it and found that when I let the clutch out the car would not move. I was able to change gears but that did not matter, no matter what gear I was in the car would not move. I thought something withing the clutch mechanism had failed, so I...
  5. Cravati

    1977 FJ40 Clutch Pressure Plate issues

    Just got a new clutch to install on my stock 1977 FJ40 2F. I had the flywheel machined to spec. With the friction plate and the pressure plate installed there is about a 1/2 gap between the pressure plate and flywheel. I could bolt it down and I'm sure the surfaces would mate, but that seems...
  6. T


  7. F

    Loose Flywheel - Is there a possible way to tighten it without removing the transmission?

    After replacing all the main bearings and rod bearing because I believe there was a knock coming from the engine, I went to turn the engine by and and noticed that the flywheel was loose and was most likely the reason for the engine knock (the bearings weren't great so the change should be ok)...
  8. ClaysFJ55

    My 75' FJ55

    Hello everyone I recently acquired an Iron Pig, 1975 FJ55, in Central America. Truck is in relatively good shape considering its age and environment. This is my first Land Cruiser and I'm super stoked to finally be apart of this elite club of LC owners and enthusiast. That being said, I'm...
  9. A

    H55F Transmission shifting issue

    Hey all first time on IH8MUD, I am nearing the end of my mechanical restoration of a 1985 FJ60. I got the old beast started yesterday for the first time and realized I was unable to shift into gear. I have replaced the original 4 speed with a H55F transmission, which in the process I replaced...
  10. E

    FJ60 - Randomly? dropping all clutch fluid

    Haven't figured this one out so maybe someone here's got some insight. Monday morning I lost all the fluid out of my clutch cylinders. This was after I drove it to work with no issues, clutch felt like it always has. I was able to put enough fluid back in to get it home where I flushed it all...
  11. socaloffroad

    For Sale  FJ55 Pressure Plate

    asking $100 858-361-3990
  12. Adam Ogilvie

    Another Clutch Problem Thread. Chevy 350 to 3 speed.

    Hey all, I really did all the research I possibly could before posting but I just can't seem to find what I'm looking for. So i recently rescued a 72 FJ40 from the jungle of Puerto Rico that has already had the Chevy 350 engine swap to it. It has a 3 speed transmission with a diaphragm style...
  13. skhochay

    TRD SC Fan position vs stock

    Hi all - happy mother days to all mothers on this forum :)! question I sill do not have sufficient cooling in my LX450 during summer days, my brother who is a pro in AC conditioning noticed that radiator fan is not seeded correctly as you can see on the image unis TRD provided spacer, he said...
  14. triley128

    Tranny drop question

    Hey gang, Dropping the tranny/tc, what is the best way to support the rear of the engine so i can safely remove the propeller bracket on the tc? Using the windowsill 4x4 method Thanks for any wisdom you can provide... '76 - 40 '78 - Chevy 350 v8
  15. triley128

    Tranny drop question

    Hey gang, Dropping the tranny/tc, what is the best way to support the rear of the engine so i can safely remove the propeller bracket on the tc? Using the windowsill 4x4 method Thanks for any wisdom you can provide... '76 - 40 '78 - Chevy 350 v8
  16. Darb

    For Sale  Fj40 fan clutch

    F1978 Fj40 OEM fan clutch in perfect working order, it was upgraded with an electric fan setup is the only reason it was removed.
  17. S

    Can't Shift My FJ40

    Hey All, Last week I was driving my cruiser down my road. When I pressed my foot on the clutch I noticed nothing happened. It was impossible to change gears or even get into gear. I looked around under the vehicle and on the passenger side near the engine it appears there is fluid leaking out...
  18. L

    Wanted  100 series LHD clutch pedal assembly

    Doing a Manual transmission swap in my '02 Land Cruiser and would like a clutch pedal, assembly and master cylinder
  19. M

    Car wants to jump/roll forward in Nuetral.?.?

    Hi, First off. I'm new to this. Please tell me if I'm doing this wrong! There is sure to be many posts after this one! My partners the "mechanic" & I'm the "researcher" Just replaced the clutch in our 75 Series. 1HZ. My partner says when stopped at a red light - the car wants to go forward...
  20. garrett goodwin

    Clutch flywheel bolts

    Looking for the size of bolt for the clutch flywheel on an 82 fj60. Thanks!
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