1. KennyG

    ABS and CDL Light Always On - Losing My Mind 1995 FZJ

    1995 FZJ80 Sorry if this has been posted or talked about before, but no matter how much I have searched, I can't find anything about it. We bought this 80 series at our shop, and after inspecting everything, we found out that the previous owner had removed the CDL and ABS bulbs out of the...
  2. gregnash

    P0171 - CEL Troubleshooting

    Ok so I had a CEL pop up at the beginning of March literally days before I left for Hurricane, UT.... P0171 which is a kind of vague code that points to a "Bank One Lean condition". This can be a whole variety of things from a faulty MAF, faulty O2 sensor, Vacuum line leak, faulty PCV...
  3. toyoteroMD

    80 series codes

    Good day, I have a question about my cel. I have a 94 80 series, with my 02 sensor plugged in I get code 26(running rich) when i unplugged my 02 sensor i only get code 21(oxygen sensor) has anyone gone thru this. I have replaced IAC TPS INTAKE HOSE!!
  4. Torquen

    LX470 02 sensor CEL post exhaust install

    Hi all, I recently installed an aftermarket exhaust and headers package on my '03 LX470. Within 15 mins of picking up the vehicle, the CEL has come on (along with the VSC and VTC lights). Now, I haven't checked the code as yet but I'd bet my house on the 02 sensor after the cat being the issue...
  5. texfredbastiat

    97 fzj80 -no start after body lift removal- tried usual solutions

    need suggestions/help please! I've read several dozen threads and tried lots of things - hopefully the solution is something easy background: 97 40th fzj80, with 183k. ive owned it for the last 20,000 miles or so, and it has always been a reliable starter- no previous issues. The truck was...
  6. jltemlock

    Rough Idle No CEL Code

    Hi Team: I'm kind of a newb to working on rigs, so hoping for some guidance from the experts on what I should check on my '93 FZJ80. I'm experiencing a rough idle and rough engine under load. It also feels like I'm down a bit of power, but I can swear by that claim. I'm not throwing any CEL...
  7. seatosummit

    Trouble Code 22 Solved

    Hi All- I wanted to share my recent experience with sorting a trouble code 22 CEL issue I recently experienced with my 91 FJ80 (3FE.) Basic synopsis of symptoms: Extreme idle (2500 on the high side, 300 on the low side) Trouble with cold starts Trouble with hot starts Hesitation on...
  8. Chachi254

    Upstream o2 Sensor Issues - Intermittent P0135 error still present after replacing sensor

    Hey Mudders, I've searched quite a bit for similar posts to my issue, but I cant seem to find anything that helps explain what I'm experiencing. I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction or has had a similar issue they were able to fix. The P0135 error is intermittent and can...
  9. HDJdreams

    Help! Recommendations for Bluetooth OBD2 scanner?

    Though I have owned an 80 for close to 20 years, thankfully my 80 has been dependable so I haven’t done any diagnostics on it. The few CELs that came up over the years handled by shops like Iron Pig. My troubleshooting skills, meager as the are, were rooted in the carburetor age. Both of my...
  10. TXBruiser

    Christmas Came early, Lights on Dash

    Wife went to start the GX470 and the pictured lights came up and stayed on. Im hoping its the gas cap. unfortunately im out of town so will have to wait until my FIL can scan with OBDII scanner tonight. Wife says no weird noises, voltage seems good, car drives fine. I have noticed the gas...
  11. shevy77

    Limp Mode? - No CEL

    This past weekend I experienced what I believe was a 'limp mode' instance, but not sure this can occur without CEL. After driving approximately 90 miles in 95-100 degree temperatures at interstate speeds (75-80 MPH) with AC running front/rear, my truck lost power suddenly on the interstate. At...
  12. unwiredadventures

    1997 FZJ80 - Cranks but wont start. No CEL

    Out of the blue, one day it would crank, but not start:( No Check Engine Light with ignition key turned Checked voltage through all fusable links: All good Checked all fuses: All good Checked voltage in under hood fuse box: All good Replaced EFI relay Checked voltage on interior OBD2 and under...
  13. A

    Knock Sensor CEL Woes, Running like crap

    I have been at this for a week and a half and still can't get my truck running right. Here's what I did: 1. PHH 2. While I was doing that I accidentally broke off knock sensor entire connection 3. Installed new knock sensor, but sketchy old connector, Code 55 and no power 4. I soldered in a new...
  14. BSnBS747

    3FE - No CEL and no +12V @ B+

    It is time to beat another dead horse. Anyone with me? I hear its all the rage these days. Well, anyway, like the title says, I have been battling this problem for a while. I just cant seem to nail down what is causing it. It starting after I completed a head gasket job/desmog a few weeks ago...
  15. 2KCruiser

    FZJ80 & LX450 Code PO420 CEL O2 Sensor Extension Check Engine Eliminator

    Thought I would post here to see if there is any interest in these. Mounts on the secondary O2 sensor. Asking $45 shipped anywhere in the US.
  16. Marine7

    No start 91....Fuseable links good, no cel

    My 91 has been f'ing up lately. At first I thought fuseable links, but I changed them and still the same! I have 12 volts to the underhood fuse box, but only 3.7volts at the B+ terminal in the firewall mounted test port........????? Any help would be great! Can't find it in FSM!
  17. OldTruck38

    Trouble w/ a 2004 4Runner

    Uggggg!!!! Need good qualified Tech advice. And probably a good qualified Technician as well. My daughter has a 2004 2wd 4Runner with the 4.7 V8 with 116k miles. Check Engine Light !!! It's throwing CEL codes for the Air Injection Pump & valves. Codes: P1442 Toyota - Stuck Closed In...
  18. Ali M

    CEL question @ 215,000?

    What could be the likely reasons for CEL @ 215,000 miles on a stock '97 LX-450?
  19. Klowie74

    Another CEL 71 question

    New here and only owned a 94 (240,000 miles) for a month. I've done a lot of searching and reading on the forum but haven't found exactly what I'm looking for. My CEL went on yesterday and I think it may be because I didn't tighten my gas cap all the way. Is this possible? I pulled code 71 and...
  20. mulchiro

    CEL code 71 on my 1991 and THIS happened??

    Threw code 71 yesterday so I have been reading threads and taking things apart to see what's going on. Pulled my modulator and vacuum hoses to check for carbon and it was pretty clean. Might even be somewhat new based on how clean the little filter is. But then I turned it over and saw this...
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