1. T

    How much boost are you pushing with your 1hdt's CT26?

    I'm asking specifically about 1hdts with the ct26 turbo. I'm currently running conservative at 11-12psi, but I'm in the process of getting a 3" exhaust and intercooler. I'm curious how much boost others are getting out of theirs,with or without modification, while still keeping egt's in check...
  2. SportsmanJake

    Alternator voltage boosting options for Tundra/Sequoia 4.7?

    Has anyone added a diode to the voltage sensing wire to boost the alternator's output to around 14.6? I cannot find any documentation on the web about this being done for either the 1st gen Tundra or Sequoia. Thanks for your time.
  3. B

    1hz Head bolts

    Hey guys, Just wondering if anyone knows the part number for ARP headstuds or where i can get headstuds for a 1hz. Going to be running 30psi plus and want the head to stay on. Thanks!
  4. digitalbuck

    Water to Air Intercooler installed and functioning well in El Troque!

    After two days of highway driving and one of hard trail running I can say that I'm very pleased with how it's working. I just got a turbo boost controller and installed it, but I them read a forum that suggested just removing the vacuum line from the waste gate altogether. So I did that and ran...
  5. ttxpc

    hydro boost brake upgrade

    Installed a hydro boost out of an f250 over the weekend, 84 hj60, definitely a great upgrade, can lock the 35's at 60mph if desired. Should help hold it on those gnarly hills, where it always was a struggle to stop it rolling backward
  6. FDNewbie

    For Sale FZJ80 OEM New and Mint Parts! TRD Boost Gauge!!! Gray interior parts + floormats!!!

    I sold my '97 Grey on Grey 80, and I found a ton of leftover parts that I no longer have any use for. Many of these parts are 100% Brand New In Box, and others are MINT condition. Interior: BRAND NEW OEM TRD Boost Gauge + A-pillar Gauge Pod (VERY rare and LONG since discontinued): $350 shipped...
  7. Lumpskie

    What is max safe boost on old Gturbo

    Hi Guys, I have searched and haven't been able to find solid information on what boost pressures older GTurbo Grunters are designed to run at. Here's my turbo: Do any of you have any information or documentation on what boost pressures this turbo is designed to run? Thanks for the help,
  8. Munchichi

    HDJ81 boost and power issues

    I'm reaching out for Tuning advice!! Something is Sapping the power in the 92 HDJ81, 1HDT After an engine compartment strip down and cleanup, Installed the new parts: GTurbo Grunter Extreme 2 3" Exhaust Timing belt(all new belts and hoses) rebuilt injectors & timed Injector pump, Modified...
  9. Loober

    For Sale Gloshift EGT and boost gauge - $100

    Hello, Selling the EGT and boost gauge, EGT comes with a brand new probe, boost just needs a boost hose comes with compression fitting. Both gauges have the wires cut about 3" long, can be easily spliced, instructions can be found on their web site. Nick
  10. OceanCable

    For Sale 1HD-T Boost Compensator 22540-17260

    SOLD I have a boost compensator off of a 1990 1HD-T/HDJ81. I was after a stock aneroid pin and couldn't find one so I bought an entire new boost compensator. There is nothing wrong with this unit, diaphragm doesn't leak, includes stock spring but the catch is a mystery aftermarket aneroid...
  11. C

    Building a 1fz-fe for light boost dd. Need advice

    Hey Mud guys, been on here for a coupe years and built a 60 that is still in progress as well as lurked and commented where I could, now I need some advice. So I bought an lx450 for a family rig/daily driver/tow rig with a rod hanging out of it and bought a donor motor to build. I am a lead...
  12. F

    Compensator boost lines

    Hi guys, First time on forum and looking for a little help please, After a quick inspection of my 80 series 1hz with turbo noticed that the line running to the y piece that has the gfb boost t and other line that runs to the compensator (I think that's where that where it's going) had popped...
  13. SAM1HDT

    Only 22psi...

    Hello fellow mudders! I have a 1hdt 80 and I just can't seem to get over 22psi with... I have a turbo that is ls proven to be capable of putting out 35psi! (Gturbo Bad Boy) I have installed a boost tee and with it fully adjusted there is no change in boost, I have even gone for I drive with no...
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