1. R

    SOLD  Long Beach, CA: 80 series front axles, birfs, spindles, hubs, rotors

    Replaced all the parts you see in my truck with brand new stuff. I'm not wheeling and I don't have space to store so I figure it should go to a member who can put them to use as trail spares or re-condition them before putting them in their rig. The part that looks the worst is the driver side...
  2. redeye

    Wanted  birf c-clips

    I've completed the tear down of my knuckles, received my new inner axle shafts, and I thought I was ready to rock this weekend to reassemble. Alas, I need new axle shaft C clips for the birf connection. Anyone got 2? I'd need them mailed priority to 08619 or 08501 and I'm fine with whatever...
  3. G

    91 FJ-80 Birf wear - how much is too much?

    Hi guys, In the middle of my Birf//hub/diff rebuild & wondering how much is too much wear. Images show typical wear on star. Ball & housing look good... What do you think? Money is tight so I was thinking to swap sides but don't want to be stupid since I came this far... Also, axle seals were...
  4. HDJdreams

    Heat marks on Birfs normal?

    Pulling my front axle apart on my 97 with 250k, which had been supposedly serviced few times but this is the first time I have been in it. The first thing I noticed was the knuckle was full of “birf soup” (gear lube and grease), so my seals are shot. They were getting replaced anyway. What...
  5. fuzzywuzzy

    Birfield Rebuild?

    I'm going to be starting my axle rebuild tonight and ran into another FJ80 owner who said something about rebuilding the actual birf's. I'm planning on removing the axle from the birf and cleaning the old grease out (haven't determined if I'll need to tear apart the birf for cleaning). The...
  6. racevws

    metallic slapping sound after birf rebuild

    So I recently rebuilt the birf and stuck new(er) joints in the rig. The drivers side kinda makes a slapping sound when I hit a bump. Link to video: I hit the top sidewall and it induces the clicking, but the front and back does not. The bottom does to some extent. Am I paranoid or is this...
  7. ericb1

    Curiosity Question on Front Birf axle breakage

    Just a question I am wanting some clarification on. If I were out wheeling and broke a front axle or birfield, could I limp it home or is their risk of the now free axle damaging the tube or other components? I know if I break a rear driveshaft I can engage the CDL and drive home in FWD mode...
  8. Dissent

    Found Local Machine Shop for 2nd Groove Birf Mod

    I just wanted to pass on a solid local business that took care of my 2nd c-clip groove machining on my birfs for the part time mod moving to Aisin locking hubs. He doesn't do much local or walk in work, most of his work comes from accounts in Ohio but he was referred to me by @Spamcheese...
  9. bucketman

    Leaking birf with trip coming up next week- will it last?

    I crawled under the cruiser to do some pre trip inspection and found a bunch of grease leaking from the birf. 3 weeks ago it looked fine, but now... My wife has been using it as her daily driver for less than 10 miles a day and we have been in the mountain snow a couple times since my last look...
  10. Dissent

    Birf Repack Question

    I'm at 65K since my first full Birf overhaul including seals, new bearings and races (wheel/trunions), wipers, etc. I'm about to visit them again for a repack and new wipers along with fitting locking hubs. Do I need to install new Axle Seals and trunions bearings? Some of the kits come...
  11. T

    Help me work out a Birf mystery?

    Hi All Long story short, have a 1980 hj45 and a 60 series that I pulled down. I never marked anything as from what I'd read they were different. It appears my diff already has the clearancing done and I cant work out which came from which car, the only difference I can see is one inner is...
  12. ThatMacGuy

    Front Right Wheel Grinding

    Over the weekend I took a trip in the 80 to go visit my son. We got about 150 miles from home and the front right wheel started making some noise. It was 30 degrees outside and there was ice everywhere; perfect time for a drivetrain issue. I was running late so I parked it at Enterprise and...
  13. LCFJ80inLA

    Wanted  fj80 inner and outer axle

    That's right! And looking for advice This is my daily driver with around 700 miles per month and plan to do light wheeling and camping Etc with 2.5 ome (will install in a month) w/ 33s for now!!!! I'm pretty sure what's going to be said. But I'm trying(lol) to drop as little money as possible...
  14. RedJed78

    making sure the Birf CV joints is the correct ones..

    bought some Birf cv-joints and curious if they are the correct ones. i have a 1997 LC rigid front suspension or live axle ( not the car CV joint), from the factory non-locker... still non lockers. Heres numbers off the box...HDK "TO-030" or its "T0-O3O" pretty sure its the first one. Does this...
  15. Iceaxe

    Best Birf Thread on Mud?

    Hey guys- I have birf soup going on... something I've been putting off for a year. So, while I'm tearing into it, I figured I'd go ahead and rebuild the knuckles too. What's the best thread on Mud for doing this for those of us who haven't ever done it? Thanks much!!
  16. jet200

    How bad does this look?

    I popped under the truck today to investigate a rattle and saw this. How bad / serious does it look?greasy birf by jet200 posted Mar 6, 2016 at 1:00 PM
  17. sbman

    BIRF Soup. OK to drive 25 miles?

    When I was near work this morning, I started smelling burning oil. Foul smelling burning oil. I was pretty sure it wasn't coming from the engine. The question is, is this safe to drive home without damaging the DIFF? Not sure how much oil is left in there. I need to go 25 miles.
  18. tacosupreme

    TG Longfield gun drilled axle review

    To start, I heard a bunch of bad stuff about TG's take over of longfield. Namely Longfield sourced their axles from RCV then heat/cryo treated them in house. Now, it is my understanding TG gets the longfields made in China. They don't have 300M internals, rather 4340 "double" heat treated...
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