5 speed

  1. Selfsponsored702

    Parting Out  Carson City Nevada 1982 Toyota 4X4

    Location, Carson City, Nevada. $2,000 for all
  2. Shifty00


    Hi! It’s time for my 200k service. I will read up as this is my second 2L but my first TE. I am really unsure how compatible any of my ‘84 2L parts will be on the ‘90 2Lte, fuel pump appears to be the same. I’m making a parts list, a timing belt water pump kit will be on there, a fuel system...
  3. M

    For Sale  1979 Toyota FJ45 RHD $35500 OBO

    1979 Toyota FJ-45 RHD Land Cruiser Pickup Please follow the link above for more information and photos. Thanks for looking!
  4. BiffS

    Trade  3B H55 nose cone/ bearing retainer for gasser H55 nose cone/ bearing retainer

    Howdy. In order to complete my swap, I need a gas version of the H55 input nose cone with the stubby sleeve and wide diameter flange ( around 1.5" OD). I've got a 3B version with the two oiling ports that i can trade. Straight across ( good deal for you as these are virtually impossible to...
  5. BreckenridgeCruiser

    For Sale  B Series h55 with 34mm Transfer Case [CA or CO]

    I have a B series H55 transmission/34mm transfer out of a 40 series. I pulled the top cover to use in another h55 setup so this one comes with a 60/70 series top cover. Transfer is manual shift front drive. This transmission drove beautifully and the shafts are all in good shape. I can get...
  6. M

    Help me decide which 100 series...Please

    Here’s my dilemma... My perfect LC/LX wasn’t made at the factory ;) or at least not available CONUS from what I’ve read. Heres some things I’d like: Apple CarPlay Head Unit Rear AC 5 speed transmission? ATRAC or locking rear diff How big of an improvement is the 5 speed vs 4 speed? How big...
  7. WindRiverCruiser

    For Sale  SD33T Turbo Diesel Stock

    $4000 I have a completely rebuilt top to bottom diesel motor for sale. It is coupled to a fully rebuilt five speed transmission and T case. Transmission has two PTO Control boxes mounted to it. I also have two Nissan period correct PTO winches to go with it. All parts were sourced from Japan...
  8. BigWesty

    Builds  Beast to Beauty - 1983 HJ47

    So having been a classic lurker for about a year I've bitten the bullet, joined and have dived straight into a rebuild thread... Having driven 40s for years on the farm where I work, I finally decided to pull the trigger and buy one for myself. I initially went out looking for a tidyish ute...
  9. FJ404345

    HJ60, 1989 2H 5 speed

    Out of the EU I got offered a HJ61, 1989, 2H diesel, 5 speed, 165K miles, LHD, PTO Winch with chrome extended bumper, 1 owner, very very good original condition As I am not familiar with the 60 series and Toyota diesels and it's not a turbo, I also wouldn't want to change the originality of the...
  10. CanadianWesty

    For Sale  1988 HJ61 VX 5 speed H55F 12HT Diesel 120k miles

    TONS OF HI RES PHOTOS: https://goo.gl/photos/N4rLPpMZgxrDKzTd6 15 min VIDEO: $17.5K USD. Very nice unit. All original. Has all new painted inner fenders on the front and new hardware. Has the most MINT interior I have came across. Literally has all stickers, and original plastic wrap on...
  11. NYIronPig

    Wanted  5 Speed Transmission for FJ40

    I am looking to upgrade the 3-speed Tranny in my 1972 FJ40 with a 5-speed set up. Still have the stock F motor. Anyone have a H55F or NV4500 or any other options that will work well? Appreciate any help/advice you could offer. I am located in NY.
  12. NYIronPig

    Wanted  5 Speed Transmission for FJ40

    I am looking to upgrade the 3-speed Tranny in my 1972 FJ40 with a 5-speed set up. Still have the stock F motor. Anyone have a H55F or NV4500 or any other options that will work well? Appreciate any help/advice you could offer. I am located in NY.
  13. Brewsterfire

    For Sale  SOLD - 1986 BJ70 LHD H55f 5 speed, Creston, BC 6 mi N of Idaho.

    Price reflects condition. Being sold as a project truck or part out if you wish. 224,000 mi. (361,000km.) Starts and runs well. Hardtop roof. Cruiser was driven 195 miles over two mountain passes and ran great. ARB front winch bumper, nice shape, no winch, has road lamps. Power steering,power...
  14. mudandrock

    For Sale  HDJ81 5 speed Manual

    Decided I'll hold on to it and build it. No longer for sale. Thanks for looking 04/05/17 05/02/17 EDIT: Back up for sale, see post number 17
  15. amason

    For Sale  1984 fj60 with H55 5 speed trans

    I have to let my Fj60 go!! Has been sitting for a while in my driveway. Threw a rod and cracked the block. Have all the part just needs to be finished and I don't have the time and need some money. Has a rebuilt H55 trans and transfer case. Was rebuilt by specter off road. Hubs, front...
  16. D

    Diesel 5 speed

    Not mine, but replied to the ad...guy is relocating to UK. Low price low miles. Truck is being stored in Nebraska at the moment. Clean title, everything, so says the owner. He'd handle shipping the vehicle. Add was via a search in Charlotte, NC. Real or not, not sure, but 113K on the odometer...
  17. sbman

    40th Anniversary Edition gets a 5 speed with 1FZ-FE and OBD-II

    It begins... The long and arduous journey of converting my beloved FZJ80 to a glorious five speed. I've owned this cruiser for two years, rebuilt the engine before I ever drove it even once. H have since put 30K miles on the fresh 1FZ-FE with the automatic slush box. I love the cruiser...
  18. Tank5

    SOLD  H151F out of fj80 with 120k miles

    I am selling an h151f that I removed from a 1993 fj80 that was imported. This transmission was mated to a 1fz engine. The LC ran, shifted and drove fine prior to being parted out. It had just under 120,000 miles on it. This sale includes transmission, bell housing, clutch slave cylinder...
  19. jmlockwood

    Question for 62 owners that have converted to 5 speed

    In the process of starting a 1HZ conversion on my 62 series. I have a predicament though - I want a 5 speed. My 62 is really nice and I am concerned about the hole in the floorboard where the auto shifter is currently located. So I wanted to see what my fellow MUD members have done in this case...
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