1. Toler

    For Sale  PS Sanden Compressor Bracket for 1F Engine

    Greetings all, Just bought am A/C system from Old Air and need to source a passenger side mounted bracket for my Sanden Compressor. Searched the forum with spotty results - thought I'd ask for guidance from the community. Thanks in advance for any assistance with this.
  2. myduffy

    Looking for the right rims

    Hey everyone, i'm looking for some recommendations on a rim that would fit over disc brakes. These would also have to fit over locking hubs. This is for a 1973 FJ55. Thanks in advance!
  3. Baja73

    Color of 1973 FJ40 Fuel Tank

    I had to buy a new fuel tank. I bought a new OEM tank. It came a flat black color and really looks like it needs to be painted. What is the correct color for a 1973 fuel tank? Thanks!
  4. sigorama

    Parting Out  1973 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40

    I am parting out a 1973 FJ-40. See 100+ photos here No drivestrain Full hard top Long jump seats Rear barn doors (left one has rust) Hard top sides are solid Front hard doors are solid Aftermarket roll bar Frame is good Hood is good Front fenders have some rust, but not too bad Complete...
  5. F

    For Sale  Fj40 Gas Tank

    1973 FJ40 gas tank. No leaks, no plug or sending unit. $100.00 Email me with inquiries: lewis.hibbs1@gmail.com
  6. F

    For Sale  4 speed FJ40 Transmission

    Transmission out of a '73 FJ40. Works, I bought a package of parts and there were two transmissions. I can't use it. $200.00 Email me with inquiries: lewis.hibbs1@gmail.com
  7. ThePhoenix

    SOLD  .

  8. S

    For Sale 1973 FJ55 Land Cruiser

    $18,000 1973 Toyota Land Cruiser, Land Cruiser FJ55 For Sale/Trade Work that has been done: - 2F Engine Rebuilt (A lot of new parts way too much to list) - Professional prepped primed painted and buffed - Bed liner applied to the interior floor - Reupholstered headliner seats and door...
  9. mrjordann

    Where can I decode my FJ40's VIN number?

    So I have a 1973 FJ40, and I want to decode my vin. I have tried every website out there, and they all say my vin has "not enough characters" or it's "invalid". My vin is 10 characters, and is like FJ40XXXXXX. (Six numbers after "FJ40".) Where can I decode this vin, or get some information on...
  10. Dodgrr

    Is that the technical term? - 1973 FJ40 -

    Recently addicted, can't thank the fine members of this site enough for the invaluable resource that is IH8MUD. My Girlfriend and I started looking and couldn't stop till we were grinding rust off our very own. I realized I should document this adventure as we went along, I'll attach our first...
  11. mrjordann

    Where can I find accurate Land Cruiser value to register a truck?

    I hope this is the right subforum, if not, please let me know where to go. So I bought a 1973 FJ40. I went to my local auto license place. I paid $6000 for the old truck, which as you probably know, is fair for a beat up 73 truck. Here is the problem. The auto-license place needs proof that I...
  12. J

    1973 FJ40 All Orig. - 43K Mi. - FOR SALE

    For Sale: 1973 FJ40 43,500 Original Miles Third owner and bought from family friend who had it for 30+ years. I'll regret selling it but don't have the space for everything right now. 99% original inside/out and even have original key ring from dealership for ignition key. Runs great. Within...
  13. JohnnyBighead

    Wanted  Rear Step for 1973 FJ40

    I need a step to help my kids get in the back of my 40. It needs to be one of the ones that has the flanges facing the inside rather than the outside, and I think that means it needs to be '74 or earlier.
  14. jamister1

    For Sale  1973 fj55

    Mostly stock aside from a non factory roof rack. Little rust on the rockers and on the rear pan and on the lower front fenders. No rust on the gutters and none on the tailgate. Appears to be mostly there aside from the engine. Has a 3 speed transmission and transfer case and both driveshafts...
  15. mrjordann

    1973 Radio Replacement - Where to find a compatible radio?

    hello! I bought a 1973 FJ40 without a radio in it, and I notice the radio slot is an uncommon size. I'd like to put a radio in. Preferably something with USB, or Bluetooth, but anything is fine. What radios do you have in your land cruisers? Which ones would you recommend that fit? Thanks in...
  16. Cajunboyk

    Wanted  1973 fj40 front right passenger door

    Looking for a good conditon 73 passenger door.
  17. JohnnyBighead

    Wanted  1973 FJ40 Rear Side Markers and Back Up light

    I recently got my diamond plate covered rust eaten rear quarter panels replaced with new panels, but now have empty spaces for the side markers and back up lights that are long gone? Anybody have any that they would let go of?
  18. T

    For Sale  1973 Toyota fj40 capri blue Restored

    1973 Toyota Land Cruiser classic Restored with new quarter panels floors and aprons oem , Numbers matching engine frame body , rebuilt motor all information on eBay 28K firm located south Florida my name is Daniel 9544392576 thank you
  19. myrtle

    For Sale  1973 FJ40 fully restored

    I got this FJ (I call her Myrtle) 6 years ago and had her fully restored (frame-off) by Scott Gesik at Restored FJ40 in Lincoln City, OR in 2012. I have driven her for 4 years and recently put in a 4 speed transmission, tow hitch, headliner, redid the brakes and removed all signs of rust that...
  20. Trailortrash

    Wanted  1973 tire carrier latch.

    PO replaced the rear sill on my jalopy and I need the rear tire carrier catch. I believe I have everything else. Thank you.
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