For Sale Solid 1965 Short Wheelbase Removable Hardtop FJ-45 Atlanta, Georgia- SALE PENDING


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Dec 29, 2007
Just South Of Winston-Salem, NC
United States

: $29,995 Today only!!! Is your Life Dull??? You need this Truck, You Know you want one!!!

Purist beware: The truck is not a stock restoration by any stretch of the imagination. It has many modifications. Although with enough money you could return it close to original if that’s your heart’s desire.

Year 1965
Body Style: SWB Removable Top FJ-45 Land Cruiser

Mileage: 123,456

Condition: Very Good for over 50 years old

Interior: Gray

Exterior: Old Cali Patina Sun Faded Red (Try to find another like that!)

Location: Originally purchased at Benny’s Toyota in Sanger California by a Grape Farmer.

Driven to (2014) and currently resides in Hotlanta, Georgia ---East Coast Baby!

Description: Sexy, Mind Altering, Mid-life Crisis Numbing! Oh the stares you will get! People will follow you for miles just to tell you their Grandfather had one just like it, and in your mind you can call Bull Hockey while smiling a devious smile. Yes, it comes with a Start Your Own Cult Tent Revival Kit, because it will draw them like flies, whenever she leaves the garage (Oh the poor lost week minded souls!)! “Nice Jeep” they will yell from afar….You can add to this description as you go-Trust me You won’t be disappointed.

HENDOG’s Classic Cars of Atlanta is proud to offer a rugged Ultra Rare, Well Documented 1965 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ-45 Short Wheelbase with Removable Hardtop. 1 of only 40 listed on IH8MUD!

{[(And some of those are real basket cases!) And others are literally sitting in Baskets!!] You know who you are!!!}

Toyota sits in the off road enthusiasts hall of fame thanks to this series of vehicle. Toyota rolled out the FJ40 series around 1960 and competed with the likes of Land Rovers Jeeps and later the Ford Bronco , Chevrolet K10 and VW Bugs. The FJ40 IS a rugged two door 4x4 vehicle with amazing off road capabilities and rather primitive interior treatments. The hard top is removable so open air cruising is a possibility (Oh the Sweet Smell of freshly road killed Mississippi Skunk on a Sweltering summer night, when the air is thick with those Heavy breezes coming off the Gulf!)!

FJs came without carpet and with vinyl upholstery (This one has the Rare Cloth Option, LOL) so even if you’re out in the Reddest Georgia Clay and in the elements they’re easy to keep clean. The truck sports a Split Bench seat, with a surprising amount of cargo space behind it. While mostly stock in appearance, She’s a Resto-Modded Beast when it comes to the drivetrain!

Under the hood of this particular Land Cruiser you’ll find a Red topped Optima, Spinning over this Electronic ignition fired, Trollhole Carbureted, 2F inline 6 cylinder engine (1986 Vintage). She can easily hold 70 mph on the freeway, and 80+, is not unheard of while traversing the vast stretches of the West Texas Plains! See attached Pictures. She does leak some oil in a few places after a spirited drive. But Mike @ ACC says “so what they all leak”.

The previous owner had the windshield reinstalled with a new rubber gasket. All Electrical is unmolested and functions. A secondary Electrical system was installed by Marks’s Off-road for more “P-O-W-E-R”! Mark also did a bumper to bumper inspection and worked out any remaining bugs before our cross country trip in the fall of 2014. Fuel system got a new Steel Toyota fuel tank, NOS, OEM glass fuel filter and new lines as needed. The steering box was rebuilt at this time along with some NOS steering column additions (The turn signals actually cancel!!! Personal Pet Peeve).

Getting this power to the ground is a smooth as silk 4 speed manual transmission and a 4x4 split transfer case assembled in Northern Cali By one of the best--- George aka Orange 45. Twin sticks complement the modern drivetrain, and allow for precise selection of High or Low gearing, 2or 4wheel drive.

Stout axles, front and rear riding on a complete 2.5” Old Man Emu suspension, imported from a far off land where they really know how to abuse Cruisers. Modern, Dual Circuit Toyota Supra Master Cylinder for Safety. Factory Circa 1972 FJ40 booster, helps to apply Pressure to the mini truck conversion disc brakes on every corner(See Build Thread on Mud). Boys this set up will throw you through the windshield, Ask the Purists how they plan on stopping!

Brand new LT285/75R/16 Goodyear Wrangler mud tires will take this thing just about anywhere you want to go, Including Alaska, where we saw these tires on 4x4s everywhere we ventured! The rims are Ultra Rare Japanese market 16” rims from the LV series of trucks. Your Choice of Hubcaps can be negotiated in the terms of this sale. Also available is a set of bare 15’ Powder Coated steelies if you prefer.

The body has never been dissembled and all panels except the solid tail gate and Rust free doors are original to the truck (See Flycatcher rubber on Mud for reference).

The truck is nice and solid, always Stored out of the weather. The underside and frame need to be treated, as East Coast humidity is causing surface rust to rear its ugly head (You know what Neil Young Says--- “Rust Never Sleeps!”). She needs a frame-off, nut and bolt restoration. I’m not that guy; I love the stories and the people that come with these classics. Just like the Farmer I have worked her hard, and have never washed her yet. That being said I could load up and head back across the states today in her, if my wife would give me more allowance.

The bed has some separation along the front edge, where countless Solid Wood posts were thrown at the old girl, over and over, for years as she served her Vineyard owners and earned her keep. The worst rust on the truck is located on two of the bed support rails, the short one located in front of the driver’s side rear wheel well is getting pretty thin. The design was prone to hold dirt. Body shop says it’s an easy fix once the bed is removed.

While the drivers running board is pretty straight while the passenger side has incurred its fair share of creases while driving in the fields. Left rear corner was dented by the 80 year old plus owner and is how this truck eventually found its way here. There’re also two (Large Caliber) bullet holes in the truck ,speaking of stories! The stories are Many, and they will be passed on with the truck both in print, photos, and campfire tales. She loves to be driven, A Daily Driver indeed! This FJ would make a great weekend runabout and will put most newer 4x4s to shame off pavement.

This vehicle is ready for the trails! Vintage 4x4s are in high demand and most have rusted away to nothing. Luckily this Toyota has lived most of its previous years in Sunny Central California, well preserved by the low humidity. This Truck is ready for many more years of duty. The Vehicle possesses Desirability, Provenance, and is a Solid Investment! You can see this rare bird in greater detail in my Metro Atlanta showroom/ 2 car Garage or on the IH8MUD thread ---“Playtime for HENDOG” (You can read and see what happens after you get “Double Dog Dared” to drive it across the United States instead of having it shipped in some lifeless steel container. Deeper Research on mud will reveal the true Master behind this Creation---Rockcod---Thread Titled “65 swb fj45”( Circa Feb. 2009-April 2013) .

Where will she take the next owner, Alaska maybe???? Ship her to Australia for a ride in the outback???

The Future owner must agree to be Vetted and bound by terms and conditions set forth as part of the trucks destiny, are you that future Caretaker? It’s not only about the money it’s about the story- Past, Present, and Future!

Due to the Massive amount of inquiries, I fear will be coming my way, I must warn you, it may be awhile before I am able to respond to these requests. Submit your application as the next Investor/Caretaker. If you do not possess the financial means to purchase this relic please do not waste my time or yours---P.S. Idiots will be ignored agitators will be dealt with! I know people.

Vehicle is sold AS IS, No Warranty Expressed or Implied. All sales final. After all she is over 50 years old.

Third party inspections can be done at ACC garage here in Atlanta, or by Beno, both of these parties will give you an honest appraisal. Thank you and have a nice day! Hendog TLCA# 1343, VP of the Georgia Cruisers, a man in search of the next adventure. P.S. Quality Trades and offers welcomed.


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Solid Floors!

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That is the best most thourogh add I have ever seen!!! Great rig, great story, great previous owner!!! Hen, sorry you have to let her go, but you had a good ride!!! Glws! Does it come with whitey acorn hubcaps!!!


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Dec 29, 2007
Just South Of Winston-Salem, NC
Nice ad coal cracker!

Only another Coal Cracker can ever understand the depth of our Craziness!!! Got this hat out in Branchdale where my mother was born! Its sale supported a memorial to the Independent Miners in the County. Our roots run as deep as those Coal Veins!
Kinda miss it!


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I smell a fish!


Are you and I the only two people that remember you originally posted YOUR ad at APRIL FOOLS?!!!!!!!!!

And prospective buyers, please note. In Tony's last pic with the truck, he's got a mustache and sunglasses. Now HENDOG has a mustache and sunglasses. Conclusion: if you buy this truck, you will end up looking like them too.:p
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