1. B

    1962 FJ45 SWB 'Toyoda' Build No. 12062

    Long time reader, first time joiner. Thanks for allowing me to be part of this amazing community. Here is my 1962 FJ45 SWB ute, build no. 12062 that came from Central Queensland. The current owners of the property were told about the ute when the property was purchased. It was located in a...
  2. kunzma

    For Sale  3 SWB FJ45s on Craigslist

    Found 3 FJ45 SWB on Craigslist in Wisconsin. Not mine. Posted links in auto section.
  3. kunzma

    For Sale  1963 FJ45 SWB

    1963 FJ45 Toyota Pickup Truck Rolling Chassis Milwaukee, WI. Not mine. Asking $10,000.00 on Craigslist. Fixed top, fairly original, but no engine or transmission.
  4. kunzma

    For Sale  1962 FJ45 SWB

    1962 FJ45 Toyota Fixed Top Short Bed Pickup Wisconsin. Not mine. Vin 2-FJ45-12019, fixed top SWB. $10,000.00 asking price on Greenbay Craigslist.
  5. kunzma

    For Sale  FJ45 SWB

    1963 Toyota Landcruiser FJ45 Wisconsin, not mine. 1963 3-FJ45-13793 vin, fixed top, SWB. $28,000.00 asking price. Looks to be fairly original.
  6. FJ73Texas

    For Sale  70 series SWB cards/panels

    These won't work for my cruiser so I will pursue other replacement options. The rear cards are too short as I have MWB. Willing to sell the entire set for $100 obo. These are not OEM but look just like OEM and no holes were cut in them (except for door handles) which leaves it up to you to...
  7. Pommy

    Help required with SWB 40 seals

    Hi all, Just looking for help with regards to SWB seals I.e both windscreen seals, lower cab seal and roof seal etc. I would like to know what the genuine ones look like, how they attach and where they have holes etc. I've been looking all over the net on parts sites etc but it's hard to get...
  8. 4WD Toyota Owner Magazine

    Field find 1965 FJ45 SWB restoration with BTB Products

    This 1965 FJ45 short bed Land Cruiser pickup was found on a hunting trip near Corona, New Mexico. It didn’t look like a driver as it was parked in a dirt field. After contacting the owner, BTB learned that the truck had belonged to her father, who had bought it new. It had been used on their...
  9. geohaskett

    Wanted  FJ45 LP (SWB) Project Rig

    I am curious what the current going price for an old project rig, preferably an FJ45 LP (SWB) is. It doesn't need to be running. I recently purchased one and may be looking for another. I am also in need of some older FJ45 parts, etc. Its going to be an on going project so I am just laying...
  10. geohaskett

    For Sale  FJ45 SWB For Sale

    Not affiliated, just came across this on CL in Montana. Toyota Land Cruiser
  11. HENDOG

    For Sale  Solid 1965 Short Wheelbase Removable Hardtop FJ-45 Atlanta, Georgia- SALE PENDING

    Price: $29,995 Today only!!! Is your Life Dull??? You need this Truck, You Know you want one!!! Purist beware: The truck is not a stock restoration by any stretch of the imagination. It has many modifications. Although with enough money you could return it close to original if that’s your...
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