DONE! Group buy ELEMENT fire extinguishers

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Dec 16, 2011
EDIT: See post #28 for final specifics on this deal.


The CLCC guys are working on a group buy kind of thing for Element fire extinguishers. At a minimum, they’re available in a 10-pack on Amazon for $673. When available individually, which is not often so far in 2020, they’re $72-$85 each.

CLCC is hoping to get a better deal than Amazon by going direct. They already have over 30 committed and I’m hoping that ONSC and Keystone Cruisers can bump that up a good bit.

Please respond here if you’d like to commit to one or more Elements. I will front the money to CLCC and will arrange to either pick them up when I’m in DC after their arrival or figure out another means of getting them to CLT. From there, Logan’s Run seems like the best way to get them distributed to our group in NC. After that, we’ll have to rely on my travels up and down 77 and 85 to get them handed out to subregions of NC.

I’ll expect anybody who says they want one to PayPal me upon confirmation of a price if we can work a better deal direct than via Amazon. Worst case scenario is Element offers no better deal than the 10 pack on Amazon. In that case, I will back out of the deal and we can just do it ourselves via Amazon as convenience sees fit to allow because there’s no logic having something sent to DC that can’t be sent closer to home for the same cost.

Here’s the CLCC thread, for reference. Element Fire Extinguisher

Post #2 will be reserved for more info when I get to my laptop tonight.
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i would be interested 2
Looks cool. I’ll take one. Safety third.
Two here as well
I'll take one
Thanks for arranging this, @JohnVee I will commit to buying 2 of them and can send funds whenever you say go.
I would be interested in 3 please.

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