1. B

    Hilux Import Question - VIN Help

    New to the forum. Currently stationed in Germany and looking to bring a Hilux with the 2.4D back stateside once I PCS (truck is a doublecab — is it going to be completely underpowered?). I have found a truck I would like to potentially bring back but it is an ex-military truck (was in service...
  2. ChuckDelta

    How do you determine your Cruiser is North American?

    I am replacing my suspension, and whether my '85 FJ60 was made for the North American market or not determines whether I need A/B springs, or two A's (3" lift) or two B's (2" lift.) If I get it wrong, the Land Cruiser will lean. Models from outside North America have a higher lift on the A...
  3. G

    Can someone help with VIN report?

    I recently bought a car and just found out the odometer has been rollbacked. The timing belt was replaced at 90k at dealership. The service record shows detail information until 2015 and the mileage was about 125k. I will talk to the seller about this. Here is my question. 1. If I decide to...
  4. phroger

    1977 Engine # / VIN mystery

    Hi folks, I've researched the Mud forum, SOR VIN charts, and other threads -- I found similar questions, but no clear connection. The background: I have a 1977 with a VIN door plate and frame number that match - both look to be a July 1977 build -VIN FJ40 253568. The mystery: However, my...
  5. Onur

    2019 Land Cruiser/LX570 VIN Decoder

    This VIN decoder is good for 2019 vehicles and back. This should allow you to see where your LC was manufactured (LX's will be at Yoshiwara). I've attached as a .pdf as well as a .png formats. Thanks. -onur
  6. W

    Selling my 40 - question about engine serial numbers vs VIN?

    Time to let go, move on. I've been curious, due to a basically unknown history - is there any source of information to determine whether or not my Cruiser's engine is original ? Old Mopars are easy - the VIN is dupliated into the engine's serial number, hence their insane values if they are...
  7. S

    Decoding of VIN/Frame No. HDJ810077110 for VX 80

    Can anyone assist with decoding this VIN? The first challenge is that it is only 12 characters. I would like to know the Production/Year of Manufacture, 1HD-T or 1HD-FT motor, the market is was manufactured, and any other information.
  8. mrjordann

    Where can I decode my FJ40's VIN number?

    So I have a 1973 FJ40, and I want to decode my vin. I have tried every website out there, and they all say my vin has "not enough characters" or it's "invalid". My vin is 10 characters, and is like FJ40XXXXXX. (Six numbers after "FJ40".) Where can I decode this vin, or get some information on...
  9. Swampfox58

    FJ55 VIN Decoding

    I'm trying to figure out the date my FJ55 was built. Obviously it's a '77 but what month. FJ55077471 All the internet decoders say I don't have enough numbers but it's all I have on the title.
  10. 66fj40x2

    FREE  '66 FJ40 Frame minus VIN

    I have a solid 1966 FJ40 frame in Houston, TX. VIN number has been removed to attached to buggy build; Frame is set up for FJ60 axles, Saginaw PS, and the motor mounts have been removed. I hate to sell it for scrap because it is solid. Bring a truck or trailer to Houston and it's yours to...
  11. mrjordann

    New FJ40! Help with some parts?

    Hello! I am new to the community, and I just bought this 1973 FJ40. First of all, I can't find the original paint color code. I tried running the VIN on a few websites, and nothing came up. (Vin is FJ401482914). Anyone know where I can find the original paint color? Also, it NEEDS new brakes...
  12. vipergrhd

    VIN plate on engine

    Would like to know where is the VIN plate located on the engine block. I am checking out a 100 would like to see if it still have the original engine. Thanks in advance
  13. Mike Kresser

    1980 BJ40 VIN Plate Help Please...

    I have a 1980 BJ40 that was originally from Costa Rica. I have referenced the VIN, Engine Code and Frame Number and all make sense, but the Color/Trim and Transaxle/Plant codes do not. Based on VIN Plate here is what I found from TOYODIY... All of the above is true and I think that based...
  14. C

    VIN Check and Some Advice on Odometer Rollback situation

    Can someone please run a carfax report or something similar on: JTEHT05J712005676 I fell in love with this website a few years back when my seat motor sprockets got stripped on my 80. I was able to fix it on the cheap. The seats still work great! Extremely helpful website. Many thanks. Now I'm...
  15. K

    Question about VIN/Title search

    I did a VIN search on a 75 FJ40 i'm going to look at today. The first title it shows in 1992 in Washington. Does that mean it's an import? Can't figure out why there isn't any previous title info. Thanks all
  16. J

    VIN check on this LX 450

    Was hoping if someone could help me check the VIN of this LX 450. Looking at other websites the appx mileage was in the low 300,000's, looking for more accurate info. VIN: JT6HJ88J0V0167114 link: Used Lexus LX 450 For Sale - CarGurus
  17. RobNasty

    What year is my HJ45?

    Recently bought an HJ45 advertised as a 1978. Got the title in the mail and the title reads 1980. I can't find a data plate on the doors, door jambs, or firewall. My VIN ends in 037427 (title and frame stamp match), and every thing on this truck seems to indicate 197X vs 198X. I can't seem...
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