Size / specs for 1977 fender / firewall VIN plate

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Feb 8, 2018
Hey folks,

With @ToyotaMatt no longer offering VIN plates, wanted to see if anyone could send along the measurement of their VIN plate for the fender or firewall on a 1977 FJ40?

When I bought mine, the fender had been replaced with an aftermarket part and the VIN plate must have retired with the old fender somewhere along the way.

I'm looking for a vendor who can make replacement plates but will need correct sizing as a first step to get it produced.

Here's one of the places who may be able to create a replacement part (I have several images but no access to a plate to get the correct height and width):

Replacement VIN Tags - Vehicle Identification Numbers Tag | Aluma Photo -
Not sure if this guys still does the VIN plates or not, but I remembered this thread: -> click here <-
Thanks much. I'll reach out -- meantime, do you happen to have a firewall VIN plate you could snag the height and width measurements from?
Bump... Does anyone happen to have measurements of their VIN plate for the fender or firewall on a 1976 or later FJ40?

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