1. N22

    Aftermarket bumper turn signals that use factory plugs

    Any one know of a source of turn signals for a custom bumper that use factory toyota plugs? Or plugs with a pigtail at least? I need to find a pigtail/turn signal that plugs into the truck side plug, pn# 90980-11091.
  2. arich

    Radio wont turn on sometimes

    I'm having an intermittent issue. Sometimes the radio won't turn on. I have to pull over and restart the truck a couple of times and then it will start up. Has anyone seen this issue or know how to repair it? He's a pic of what it looks like when it's dead (sorry for the sun glare) Anthony
  3. Randy88FJ62

    FJ62 front turn signal screws/bolts? Lenth / pitch?

    Someone stole the magnetic tray on my bumper and took the screws holding the turn signal with them. So I need to source new screws/bolts. They are the long ones with the philips head. I can measure at home if no one knows off the top of their head. Thanks.
  4. markdrm1

    ARB turn signal or parking lights?

    Mine have never been wired up. Have you ARB bumper owners wired yours as blinkers or parking lights? Also, what would you consider the proper way to wire them up? Just splice it somewhere?
  5. AU FJ40

    Need turn / high beam indicator wiring diagram

    I bought a replacement indicator and they're not exactly the same. Does any have the picture of the wiring and description off what each does? I can't seem locate it. The last lic is the newer one and it has 2 extra wires that are confusing me . Thanks
  6. Bob Richards

    Brake Tail lights (only) won't turn off

    Hey guys, I have read the threads on the dash brake lights but mine only (correctly) is on when I use the emergency brake. I have great vacum now as I re-built the vacuum pump. The brakes work great actually. I even unbolted the booster from the firewall and then the master cyclinder from the...
  7. Catfish28

    Front turn signal housing color?

    I've looked on the forum but can't find an answer. I have the 2 sets of front turn signals shown in the pic. I'm trying to figure out if the Grey or black housing color is correct for my 78. I see them both for sale new here and there but can't seem to find info on when the switch was from...
  8. 85FJ60SD

    For Sale  [CA] FJ40 Turn Signal Covers

    These came off my old 40. Don't need them anymore. 40+ship
  9. R

    turn signal/hazard click in gear shifter

    so I've been doing a whole bunch of work on my land cruiser and i just put all new led's in the dash. when i assembled it i turned on the hazards to make sure they were working. when i did that there was a click in the safety lock for the gear shifter and every time the lights blinked the shift...
  10. M

    ac fan won't turn on

    Hey there, Was driving around with the AC working fine. Was in store for a bit and after starting back up the fan won't blow air for the AC. The fuse isn't blown, circuit breaker in fuse box hasn't been tripped. Any other fuses to check? Thanks, Mike
  11. jestlurnin

    Real time help (cruiser won't turn over)

    Well since I'm waiting for a tow and it might be up to an hour I thought I'd just try MUD for trouble shooting. Got in the ol' 60 this morning and she didn't really want to crank over. Come to think of it she's been having issues cranking over the last couple mornings. Sounded like a dying...
  12. D

    How to turn off auto lock function 05 tundra

    How can I turn this feature off... I have been cursing it since I got the truck about a year ago.. I knew it would be a disaster one day... When one unlocks the truck it will auto lock in a few unless the truck is started.. The truck locked me out of it while I was taking out the trash in...
  13. J

    LX470 turn signal relocation

    wanting to relocate front turn signals on 1999 LX470 from lower bumper to upper side marker lights. Could have sworn read something on here about it by my search foo just isn't pulling any info up on it.. Any help be great thanks
  14. mudterrain75

    SOLD  Semaphore turn signal lights FJ25

    Bought already, thanks!
  15. cc93cruiser

    Random turn off while in traffic

    1999 Cruiser... ALL maintenance done (timing belt/oil changes/fuel filter etc etc...)... Was driving back home from a day trip to Carmel/Soledad area exploring or wonderful missions with family when we suddenly hit heavy traffic/accident. Wasn't hot (80F) but had the front and rear air on. While...
  16. 4

    For Sale  signals/light switch

    Please read entire ad before expressing interest. I bought a new aftermarket switch for my 60. Worked perfectly BUT the harness was short. Seems I got shipped the wrong one. Same harness but about 6 inches too short. Not sure which truck it was actually meant for. Best offer
  17. K

    For Sale  Coolcruisers New FJ40 turn signals and taillights

    Got these for my 76 FJ40 but am going tube fenders and custom rear bumper so these won't fit my need. Tail lights were 70 each new, I'll sell the pair for 100. Turn signals were 80 each, I'll sell the pair for 110.
  18. tacoma2002

    Ignition won't turn to "lock"

    Currently my key is stuck in the ignition because it will not turn CCW to the "Lock" position. This started happening intermittently a few days ago. Occasionally when I went to turn the vehicle off the key would not turn back to "lock" and release the key. After sitting in the ACC position...
  19. L

    2001 Lights Turn On And Stay On With Key Out!

    Hello all, my first post here. I have a 2001 LC that has an annoying problem (vehicle is "new to me" since end of 2015 and was a single owner up to that point). When I turn the vehicle off the DRL will turn on and stay on even after the key is fully removed from the ignition! Sometimes the...
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