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  1. SimplyTanner

    3vze. Zero compression on driver side cylinders.

    I have a 1993 4Runner with the 3.0l v6. It seemed to have a new lack of power last week, along with a low idle. Then Friday morning it died leaving my house, and wouldn’t start again. I have spark at all six plugs, I’m also getting fuel. Further diagnosis revealed that there is ZERO...
  2. R

    2006 LC Jumping Timing

    Hello all - thank you in advance for your thoughts on this issue. I have a 2006 Land Cruiser (3rd owner) - currently 140,000 miles - that has good maintenance history and is rust free (always a Southern California vehicle). The timing belt / water pump / thermostat were changed just prior to...
  3. ClassyJalopy

    Broken Bolt. Help!

    I am in the middle of timing belt job and have managed to break off the lower alternator bolt. Now I am not sure what's the best way to deal with this. Any suggestions are most welcome. Also, anyone have the part number for the bolt itself?
  4. Riviera

    Timing Belt/90k Service with Radiator & AC Condenser

    in 3,000 miles, I'm performing my Timing Belt Service. It's a 1998 LX470 which will have 220,000 miles at the time of the service. Service records indicate it was last performed at 130,xxx milers. I'm changing the Timing Belt, Timing Belt Tensioner, Tensioner Pulley, Water Pump, Serpentine...

    4.7 Timing Belt video update

    I've never been super happy with the original timing belt videos we did. We had a 4.7 out of a truck this week so I took the opportunity to update the videos while there was an unobstructed view. Just finished part one and should have part two done in the next few days.
  6. K

    Opinion on timing belt

    New to the forum here, just bought a 99 LX470 with 193K. Wife got t-boned in her Sienna with the kids and thankfully no one got hurt but the car was a total loss. She wanted an SUV and we looked at a lot of things, even looked at new LX570's (100K was a bit out of our immediate budget!) and...
  7. mgsmith125

    slight whine when turning (power steering)

    2006 Land Cruiser 110K miles I had my timing belt / water pump / serp belt / tensioners , seals, etc. done today. I drain and filled my power steering fluid on October 31st. I noticed when pulling into a parking deck earlier that when I turned my vehicle there was a faint whine noise. It is...
  8. Reg Wang

    Ok to buy?

    New here and new to Toyota in general. Fascinated with the LC heritage so I've been searching and searching for an affordable deal. Found one, local Toyota dealer who would give my trade vehicle a good price and they have the cheapest 2013 LC, black on black, two owners and clean Carfax, 80k...
  9. H

    Real Time Help Needed - Timing Belt Replacement

    I am in the middle of baselining my engine and changing out the timing belt on my daily driver (2UZFE hundy with 300,000 miles). I am also strictly following my Toyota FSM and cleaning up some other items along the way (new crankshaft seal and various hoses). While putting on the timing belt...
  10. B

    Another Timing belt thread.

    I’ve got a Toyota dealership quoting me around $1,200 parts and labor to replace crank seal, timing belt and water pump. 2006 LX 470. Does this sound right? How will I be able to tell they did all this work? I’m sure this question has been asked a lot, I apologize for the noobieness...
  11. Mikesalz

    Recommended Shops - NorCal North Bay Sonoma

    Hi posted this in ClubLexus, @hankinid suggested I try here. Let’s see how this goes cause it flopped there. Hi Fellow 100series owners. Joined the club yesterday after picking up a rare beauty in fantastic shape and great value in SoCal and drove 500 miles to NorCal with so much joy! Shes...
  12. Algonquin

    Water Pump & Timing Belt Price

    Hi Guys, I jut got a quote for the water pump & timing belt at Grappone Toyota in Bow, NH for $891 total (no tax in NH). They said its a 6 1/2 Hr job. What is your take on the price? And what is a fair price for the work at a Toyota dealership? The rig is a 2005 Landcruiser. Thanks
  13. W

    For Sale  timing belt water pump kit

    brand new in box $160 cash for a local buyer located in SF Bay Area
  14. volinky

    Change timing belt (with pics)?

    Three pics here, showing a little cracking in the timing belt. Is there some life left here? Or time to change?
  15. S

    Is there a timing belt inspection cover?

    Looking at an lx470 tonight. The flipper swears that the auction he bought it from stated that it was done at 150k miles (12k ago) and i dont see it coming up on the lexus history. I am going to call the toyota dealership associated with that dealer group but I am not optimistic. Im hoping...
  16. digitalbuck

    2LTE timing Belt replacement

    Ive decided it's time to replace my timing belt and all that gets done at the same time. I was "inspired" by a small trickle of Coolant coming from under the timing belt case, I assume from the water pump. Can anyone point me to a well done guide to doing to repair? A video would be awesome...
  17. D

    DIY 2000 LC Timing Belt Change

    Hey guys, I've started to change the timing belt on my 2000 LC myself this week and am running into a few issues with it, so I'm wondering if there are any others on here that have done this job that can give me some advice? I've done a few T-belts on various cars but this is the first time on...
  18. fooldall1

    Timing Belt Condition after 216k Miles...

    Apparently, the previous owners *never* changed the timing belt... *sigh*. While changing the Tensioner and Idler, I was disappointed to see this. I figured they HAD to do it at least once, though there was no sticker under the hood. I don't even want to crank it till I get this fixed (along...
  19. F

    how can I tell if water pump changed when timing belt service?

    About to purchase a 2006 LC, timing belt service is listed on Toyota owner site from the dealer. Should I ask my local dealer to pull the full repair order to make sure water pump was replaced? Or can I visually inspect the pump easily to tell age?
  20. dirtyboots

    1hdt timing belt idler pulley diagram / pic request

    After mucho searching I have to post up for some help from the experts..does anyone have a pic / diagram of an assembled t belt idler pulley? The below pics describe the questions I have regarding the part..and yes, I took stuff apart and 6 months later tried to put it back together:hillbilly...
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